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Car shopping by any other name would be torture

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Our household is a finely tuned machine. You wouldn't know by looking at it the house is a mess, and most interactions I have with people probably leave them thinking I'm a couple chocolate creams short of a box of chocolates. That doesn't negate the fact that my schedule and my husband's schedule and the kids' schedules are all interconnected like a massive and ever-changing Gordian knot.

Every two months my husband's schedule changes which means my schedule changes, at least if the kids are home. Since they started school there's always a good chance I can have a decent chunk of morning devoted to work a refreshing change, to be sure.

Having kids was really a defining moment when it came to gaining a crash coursein logistics. I've commented in this space before about how being a mom is akin to being an unpaid secretary of the family. You have to know (or at least have written down preferably in a calendar program that spans all electronic devices and added it to several paper calendars, and a few sticky notes) the times when everyone has to be somewhere. What's more, I have to know when people aren't going to be somewhere that place being school.

Thanksgiving was the first big school vacation, and honestly it couldn't have come at a better time. Was it convenient for me to have to stay home with the kids while hubs went to work? No, but you know what's worse? Trying to figure out how to pick up the kids from school while one parent is at work and the other doesn't have a car. Thanksgiving fell in that frightfully long gap between still not having a new car and losing rental coverage (we learned that the other insurance would only pay for up to seven days maximum weekends included). And though we could have rented for longer, we thought that long-term, it would be better to put that cash towards the new vehicle.

The reality of having one car in a five-person household really took hold after the kids returned to school. Yes, it meant I had a morning free of kids but it also meant my office had a morning free of me (which they may like? Hard to say). But to say it freaked me out would be an understatement. On the day I finally landed a vehicle, I couldn't take it anymore. I asked my husband to drop me off at work. I had to finagle for a ride to the dealership to check out the car and bring it to my mechanics and hit the bank. But it was worth it.

You never really know how smooth things are going until you have to try to deal with something new and different.

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