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Can't do this to me, baby

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Being a parent changes your perspective on lots of things. You start looking outward instead of inward. You begin thinking of all the cool things you want to show your little beans. Re-experience what it's like to see the world with fresh eyes. And suddenly every rock and roll song with the word 'baby' in it takes on a whole new meaning.

Whether it's Queen belting out lyrics in 'Bohemian Rhapsody' or Sir Mix-a-Lot, the songs can become hilarious, cathartic or completely inappropriate (what are these kids listening to these days?).

But what also amazes me is how quickly kids start dancing. I mean, they were grooving to music before they were a year old. And it's hilarious. Mostly because they dance like Steve Martin in 'The Jerk' which is to say, not exactly in syncopated rhythm with whatever happens to be playing.

When they say music has charms to sooth the savage beast, you know someone has found out what happens when you start playing their favorite song when someone is throwing a hissy fit. If the kids are getting grumpy before meal time, I pop on some 'Dog Days are Over' by Florence and the Machine. The girls start swaying like charmed cobras, and the boy begins clapping at completely inappropriate intervals in respect to rhythm but seriously, who cares?

All of this makes me want to avoid silly kids' tunes as much as possible (with the exception of The Flannery Brothers since their music doesn't make my ears bleed). Music doesn't have to be annoying for kids to like it. I have incredibly fond memories of bopping around the house to Paul Simon's Graceland (on tape!) when I was growing up. Michael Jackson's early work was also a big hit, though I wouldn't understand the lyrics to 'Billy Jean' until a bit later.

And plus, being able to dance like a crazy lady with the kids is more fun than is legal in most states. They dance with you and laugh like lunatics. They clap their hands and beam. They jerk and sway and just enjoy themselves with some grooving tunes on the radio. Good times, baby. Good times.


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