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Boredom is the next hip thing

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There is never a dull moment. Someone is typically on someone's case. Even when we're all sitting down to immerse ourselves in the hierarchy of Sodor, or that strange city where Curious George lives, someone will try something. Usually kicking someone else's bean back chair (or even just putting a foot on it).

They've all realized how to get a rise out of each other and it doesn't take much. If someone so much as mentions the name of another person's assigned engine, it's the toddler equivalent of throwing down a gauntlet and declaring, 'Pistols at dawn!'

I'm pretty sure that's going to stop around the time they move out.

So boring excites me. When there is no one whining because someone else is playing with The Big Rig; when someone waits patiently to be pushed in for snack while I am busy making sandwiches; when people read quietly or heck, even play noisily, but with joy and not anger those are amazing times.

I had one the other day. For a few months, because our schedules allowed for it, we were able to pretty much just use a single car (one of us always has to be home anyway, right?). Well, that isn't always the case, due to scheduling, and we occasionally have to get a sitter so we can pick up one of our kids from the head start program about an hour after my husband goes to work.

I could bring the other kids with me, but since car sickness is an issue, and hour round-trip in the car with no payoff to pick up an overstimulated sibling who only wants milk is asking for World War III (times three). So we get covered, but I still needed the aptly named 'Mama Car,' which we hadn't moved since three blizzards ago. With that much snow on the roof. Because I am not a jerk, I knew I needed to clear off the two solid feet of snow off the roof. Dad-in-law lent us his roof rake.

Now, husband had this planned to do it when he came home, but fortune and toddler good humor smiled upon me and we all went outside. And we all had a good time. So much so that Mama was able to clear off the entire vehicle without a single meltdown occurring.

Partly this has to do with the kids becoming interested in different things at least when outdoors. The boy went Mount Snow Bank climbing, while the girls opted for running up and down the driveway. Staying out of each other's way is key.

But the other thing that helped was the fact that they are now able to do things independent of me. It really frees up my day - and makes it easier to not have to worry about accidentally pulling a huge chunk of snow down on someone's head.

And sure, I get a little choked up when I think about how they don't need me as much, and how that's a trend that will pretty much continue throughout their lives. I always will, because part of my job is getting choked up on pretty much a daily basis. But I have to say, it's really nice when things are boring.

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