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Best Christmas ever

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In the early times, you go through the motions of many of the holidays with the kids: it's less for the kids and more for you. As they grow, they catch on to what's going on and begin to anticipate each holiday in question. And there will come a time when you hit the sweet spot that moment when they understand what's going on and are excited without getting crazy. This was that year.
Everything about the holiday season was awesome, from picking up the Christmas tree to putting up the lights. Everything was met with gasps and coos from the kids. One of my girls would walk around the house and wish everyone in the room 'Merry Christmas!' If no one was in the room, she'd address her stuffed animals, or the Christmas tree itself.

On Christmas morning, when they saw the cookies that Santa had sampled, they inquired as to his whereabouts. We explained he had to continue on to other houses to deliver presents.
'Oh, that's too bad,' said one girl. They had wanted him to stick around for a proper visit. Every time she got a present she'd make a cooing noise, followed by 'That's nice! Thank you, Santa!' It didn't actually matter what it was, just that he had thought to give her something. One of the presents was a Barrel of Monkeys game, but when she opened it she thought it was a cup.
'Oh! A cup! Thank you, Santa!'
But better than the excitement, better than the adorable noises (which, let's be honest, those things are like crack there is never too much cute), was that they also seemed to grasp the concept of personal property. It's something we've been working on for a while now (read: since last Christmas).
See, many toddlers do not understand that everything in the world does not, in fact, belong to them. Not only do they feel like they own everything, they get mad at other toddlers who hold the exact same belief system. This causes conflict.
Last year, when the threesome received a trainset, things went how do you say ballistic. We had to remove the trains on more than one occasion, which also caused fireworks.
But this year there were no such radioactive meltdowns. There were a few minor skirmishes over being able to play with someone else's toy (I'm fairly certain the boy bought his sisters helicopters because he wanted to play with them. He has achieved his goal by allowing one of his sisters use of his police cruiser toy. Smart kid).
This year was an absolute delight, and I'm thrilled it went so well. It was so good it may have replaced some of my favorite childhood memories though, that might be hyperbole. I am a little happy that school is back in session.

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