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Babies, it's cold outside. And we're sick of it

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Whining about the protracted winter is not a new concept. A quick glance at Facebook has a log of more articulate complaints than I could put into print here but, boy am I sick of it. Winter by itself isn't a bad thing. Kids can play in snow sledding, snow balls, digging is all good stuff.

But we don't have snow. We haven't had snow for over a month. What we've had is slick, hard, intractable ice. Even I, with well over 30 years of gross motor function, have a hard time traversing it. So kids, who have a wobbly factor to take into account and nothing to play with once they're out there, are beyond frustrated.

Spring arrived only to see temperatures sinking below freezing on a regular basis. Any snow we got was heavy and wet and only melted enough to add another inch or two of solid ice to the covered driveway and yard. That paired with the bitter cold has made for some intense indoor time. And it's been maddening for everyone involved.

I don't like keeping the kids cooped up. I dislike being cooped up. We're all a little crazy and not in a quirky fun way either. In a let's see who is going to cannibalize who kind of way.

Being cooped up seems to affect a lot of systems, including how well the kids nap, sleep and behave being top on the list. Burning off energy is hugely important in the life of a toddler. It's also important for the mental wellbeing of the parents, because if kids are outside playing it means they aren't getting underfoot inside. Fresh air is amazing for adults too.

But none of that happens when your yard is covered under a glacier.

It was so bad that when they were reporting the blizzard that wasn't on the news, I was actually looking forward to getting enough snow to toss the kids around in it. Yep, I was hoping for snow. That's how bad it's gotten. We got enough snow to ensure that the ice outside was more treacherous and that was it. You know - about an inch and a half, and if you step wrong you're sprawled out wondering if you have a concussion.

Thankfully, spring actually seems to be clawing its way out of the clutches of winter. This past weekend brought not only temperatures that were above 50, but rain that helped dissolve some of the layers of tundra. We actually got out of the house over the weekend. Sure, it was wet, slimy and full of mud puddles, but show me a toddler who doesn't love that.

And it just felt good to be out. Now, if we can just keep this trend going for a week or two, I may even get to remember what grass looks like.

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