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All right spring, listen up

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This is an open letter to mother nature: I need you to listen to me, because I will only rail against you futiley this one time (right) stop snowing. I mean it.

That snow storm you gave us in the middle of March was one thing. We could use the sleds in that, and it was good snowman material. This 'wintery mix' crap that you're throwing at us in the middle of April is really pushing it. Cold and wet enough to make going outside a nasty challenge, but not quite nifty enough to make it fun. Even the robins I've seen look pissed off. What's a girl got to do to get some 50 degree weather?

I don't even really mind mud season. I mean, what kid doesn't like mud? And puddles for that matter.

For the first time since the trio hit the scene, going outside doesn't seem like such a circus act. Don't get me wrong, it is, but now that they can move under their own power and I've gotten wise to many of their tricks, I can handle it better than I could early on. 

But we're getting stir crazy. I mean, indoors was fine when the kids didn't realize there was anything else. But now that they've gotten a taste of the great outdoors, they want more. Heck, I want more. Which is why this sleety, snowy, cold and nasty stuff could really be taking a hike right about now.

The kids know what outside means. When one of us leaves, they start getting downright snippy if they aren't invited along. One of the girls started tugging at her little coat and making cow-eyes at Dad and whimpering when he was getting ready to work. They don't care if it's hailing out. They want to go outside.

And they're completely different animals when they are wrapped in their parkas, stomping around in their booties, and planting their faces in the dirt. There's so much more to take in, they forget to ask you to read that story for the dozenth time. That energy is reserved for plopping rocks into the puddles. Hunger is forgotten if you let them play with the giant plastic castle for just 10 more minutes. 

The cats are outside. You can see cars drive by outside. Birds, planes and supermen fly overhead outside. The trees. The breeze. The clouds. The sun. The shade. The mud. The life. It's outside. Who the heck wants to be inside? We've been inside for six months.

So, come on, April, cut us some slack will you? I want to make it to the playground sometime before May gets here. Meet me half way. Hold off on the snow and sleet, at any rate. I'll just bring a towel.


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