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Caught in the CrossFit 2: The revenge

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As many of you know, two months ago I committed to attending at least three classes per week for two months at CrossFit Acadia. I did. Sort of. That is to say I did about seven weeks of classes until I broke by butt (literally, torn glute) from my inability to modify even when instructed. It was the most intense, most grueling bit of fitness I have ever embarked on and I have to tell you that I absolutely loved/hated every minute of it.

I started this process hoping to lose a few pounds, but what I actually lost was far more profound. I lost that horrible feeling of being mad at my body and gained the knowledge that my body was far stronger and much more capable than I had ever given it credit for. With every workout I pushed myself farther than I thought possible, especially when I'd rather take a beating than go for a run. While it was perfectly clear that many of the people at CrossFit Acadia were more fit than I, I never felt anything but encouragement and camaraderie from the other members at 'the box.' Every milestone was congratulated and it turns out I have some damn near perfect dead lift form. Who'd have thunk it?!

Owner/trainer/CrossFit superhero Nick Birdsall has become one my top five males on the planet, in good company with my son, my boyfriend and Gregg Allman. He leads by example, pushes you like none other and makes you want to do and be the best you can be. Nick not only eased me into this process with modifications but talked me through my own personal blockades (demons) in relation to body image and nutrition. As he puts it, 'Physical changes are a byproduct of hard work.' He taught me to 'do things that require an athletic body and your body will become athletic.'

I was shocked to recently learn that Birdsall did not come out of the womb with chiseled abs and shoulders you could serve a buffet on. In fact, prior to being introduced to CrossFit he suffered chronic knee and back pain and couldn't run the mandatory USMC three miles. This summer he did a 20 mile run with no traditional run type training and ran an ultra marathon (50k... FML). This is the kind of impact CrossFit training can have on a body - and trust me, if you saw Nick Birdsall's body you'd sign up immediately. Just sayin'. His past gives him a true understanding of what it is like to begin and struggle with a fitness program. 'I enjoy working with the beginners as much as the advanced,' he said. 'I try to be understanding of people's current abilities but continually push them to new levels.'

For me the beauty of CrossFit Acadia is I became more concerned with the weight on my barbell instead of the weight on my scale.

For more information on CrossFit Acadia, call (207)266-3726.


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