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Caught in the cross fit

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Is it me or do other women experience the two weight related phenomena I like to call "divorce skinny" and "in love pudge"? Although I am delighted to be in love with an amazing man, I am less than thrilled about the 15 pounds I've put on since we met. With that said, I've decided to take matters out of my puffy Big Mac-grabbing-hands and put said matters into the hands of Nick Birdsall and CrossFit Acadia.

I have been hearing some pretty wonderful things about CrossFit from some friends and remembered Nick from the lifetime ago when I worked at the Ellsworth YMCA. He is quite possibly one of the nicest human beings that I've ever met and I'm pretty sure he has a body fat count of about negative four. Because I am officially sick of crying when I get dressed and dodging the cameras that I used to mug for, I have committed to at least three days of CrossFit for two months.

Consider this article the "before" piece. In two months, I'll submit my "after" piece and hopefully let you all know about my incredible transformation.

When I arrived at my first class, I was greeted by the muscle-laden, ever-smiling and not for nothing quite dashing Nick. He was very welcoming and told me about what we'd be doing. Much to my delight, he suggested that I only work at about 70 percent, as form and technique would be my main objectives. Nice! Giving less than 100 percent is my specialty!

I have to tell you I did much better than I expected to. (Fine pessimist I'd be if I expected to do well!) At one point, however, I thought vomiting might be an option, and on more than one occasion I wished that I had respected my lungs a little more. All and all I feel that class one was a success, although the next day I would consider my legs to be experiencing what I would classify as mild to moderate paralysis.

After one week, I'm officially hooked. Birdsall says that he sees people come back every day whether they are exhausted or in pain. "They really find out a lot about themselves," he added.

I spoke with long time CrossFit participant Everett Steinbarger. He explained how the regiment is more than your average fitness program: "The important thing for me as far as CrossFit goes is that it improves my functional strength in everyday life. My favorite pastime is duck hunting, which is a labor intensive ordeal as far as hunting goes. Moving dozens of decoys, heavy bags of hunting gear and traversing rough, cold water in a large canoe while freezing taxes your strength and tests your stamina. The training I get with Nick Birdsall has greatly enhanced my ability to enjoy water fowling with much more ease and I believe I am safer in the field because of it ... and my wife likes it that I am able to lift heavier things for her at home." CrossFitter Jessica Brown had a similar story of increased strength becoming evident in her everyday life when she stacked three tons of stove pellets with her son, with speed and minimal discomfort, while a year ago she could barely help with one ton.

With testimonies like this, I'm thinking that after my two-month stint at CrossFit Acadia, I'll be able to lift two Big Macs with ease, or maybe not even want to. Fingers crossed.

For more information on CrossFit Acadia, call (207)266-3726 or hit up the website or on the Facebook.

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