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A few of my favorite things

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I was following up with a colleague recently, and we started to talk about our children, because that's our current field of interest. He asked me what my favorite part is. I have several favorites, which I am aware nullifies the meaning of the word 'favorite,' but I don't know what to say. I can't have just one.

Hugs, kisses and mentions of 'love you' are always top of the list. But here are some others that just make my day.

One of the new phrases that has been going around the house is 'Thank you.' After almost three years of working my tail off for little or no recognition, to hear those two words has some serious heart-warming effects.

Helping in general most toddler help isn't helpful in the adult sense of the word. But who cares? It's fun just seeing how much they want to help, be it splashing water all over the kitchen while doing dishes or pushing the broom around (sometimes clipping mom, dad or some picture frames with the handle). We're just hoping we cankeepthem interested in helping as they get better at it.

And there has also been movement on the front of helping each other. One time, one of my girls was having a rough time. Her sister ran back and forth getting her things to make her feel better her stuffed penguin, half a dozen books and other items to cheer her up. Kindness!

And they've begun pushing each other around in a toy car (fondly referred to by all as 'the kid car' to differentiate it from the 'Mama Car' or the 'Dada Car').

Imitation is the highest form of flattery. Recently, when they've been given a graham cracker, they will hold it to their ear, as though they are talking on the phone. The conversation goes a little like this:

'Hello? Animal Crackers all gone! BYE!'

Then they eat the phone.

When I pick up one of my girls, she claps me on the back like I'm her chum. Awesome.

During what is allegedly naptime, I can hear my son playing with his toys, singing songs and talking to them in different voices. Also awesome.

When one of my girls was sick, she was just having a bad day. Didn't want jammies, didn't want hugs. But when I started to sing to her and brush her hair, she crawled into my lap and lay down. So awesome I wanted to die.

And then there's the dancing. Good God, the dancing. Kids don't half-ass anything in their lives, least of all the full-body gyrations that go into their dance moves. Amazing.

And every day, they do something, say something, notice something that quickly becomes another favorite thing. And it piles up which is good, because sometimes especially on bad days you need to sit down, pile up your warm fuzzies and count them. And there are so many.


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