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I'm sort of annoying

June 20, 2012
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I hope I don't annoy my co-workers. I try not to, but the fact that I often talk to myself out loud might annoy some. If you work in an office with others, chances are you may annoy or be annoyed by - someone there. Career experts advise that you should confront an annoying co-worker and address the issue. But sometimes that just exacerbates the problem, leading to tension and more annoying behavior. Sometimes it's just better to accept your co-workers as they are focus on the positive!

According to an article in 'The Grindstone,' here are eight annoying habits of our co-workers that are best to just live with.

1. The fidgeter as annoying as this may be, some people just can't help it. Let them fidget!

2. The 'chain' emailer who sends you the 'please pass this on' emails or Facebook posts. Just delete them don't make a deal out of it! 

3. The personal drama 'over-sharer.' The article suggests that we should show some compassion, as they are likely going through a hard time, or as I have experienced, may not have people outside of work who are there for them. So just be nice and listen. 

4. The 'sicky.' The person who is sick and still at work. I have done this most of us have. We push through to get the job done and feel guilty when we are out sick. Best thing you can do is help them get the work done and let them know it's OK for them to go home. Keep a box of tissues on hand at all times!

5. The 'over-worker' who works 10 hours a day plus weekends and 'makes everyone else look bad.' If that's what they choose to do, let them! Do your thing and let them do theirs. MYOB!

6. The 'smelly food person.' Yes, that can of tuna or last night's fish dinner in the microwave can stink up the office. This article suggests that everyone can bring to work whatever they choose for lunch and no one has the right to complain. I suggest that common courtesy is to contain the smelly foods in the kitchen and not bring them to your desk. That's just the right thing to do. 

7. The 'flirt.' Flirting to the point of anyone becoming uncomfortable is an issue that needs to be brought to human resources. But some people are just overly nice and not intentionally flirting. The article suggests that if that is the case and it bugs you, cut them some slack and give them a smile. 

8. The 'suck-up' - the overly eager to please employee can be an annoyance to other employees. The article suggests that it may be a case of insecurity and low self-esteem. A little encouragement and 'good job' can go a long way to curb this behavior.

We spend most of your time at the office with our co-workers. Yes, they can be annoying at times and guess what we likely annoy them too. Unless their behavior is a serious problem that should be reported to management, the best advice is to maintain your sense of humor. And when your nerves can't take it anymore, remove yourself from the situation. A quick trip for a coffee refill or a walk outside can help re-set your 'annoyed' button before you do or say something out of line and annoying!

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