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A smorgasbord of slices from Timeout

October 4, 2017
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Timeout buffet manager Adam Ketchum. Timeout buffet manager Adam Ketchum. (edge photo by Sienna Barstow)

BREWER – If you grew up around here in the ‘70s, you remember the Time-Out. Now, Time-Out is back with a pizza buffet and more - and making sure everyone remembers its name. 

Timeout Pizza Buffet had its soft opening this week at 30 Clisham Road in Brewer, the old location of the Show Ring just behind KFC.

Local entrepreneur Robert “Bob” Thomas opened the first Time-Out restaurant on South Main St. back in 1976. The restaurant has been around on and off since its first opening. After that first location, the restaurant opened on Central Street in Bangor. Then it moved to the Old Howdy’s Building on Main St. Then the Old Bangor High Building on Harlow St.

And now, reopening at the old Show Ring building as a pizza smorgasbord and more.

“This is the first time it’s ever been a buffet,” Adam Ketchum, the buffet manager, stated. “People have come in that worked 30 years ago and they say it looks a lot different and it tastes great.”

The buffet style adds to the family-friendly atmosphere of the 20,000-square-foot establishment.

Ketchum keeps it simple. “Customers come in and the first thing they do is pay. Then you get your buffet – we offer a salad bar, soups, nacho cheese for breadsticks and of course pizza. Then customers sit down and enjoy their meal.”

The pizza buffet does not disappoint with pizza offerings. Ketchum said that they offer more than just cheese and pepperoni pizzas.

“We do macaroni and cheese pizzas, I think we’re the only people around who do a Thai-style chicken pizza and we do barbecue and buffalo, which are pretty popular.”

And it isn’t just pizza - there are also side offerings. Customers can order wings, French fries and onion rings to go along with their pizza. They can also order buffalo chicken egg rolls.

“We’re the only people around that do these,” he said. “It’s an egg roll wrapper with chicken, buffalo sauce and cheddar cheese. We deep fry it and serve it with ranch.”

Timeout Pizza Buffet hopes to add a few more offerings in the future. The upstairs of the building is being renovated into a catering hall event center.

“We’re going to call it ‘The Loft,’” Ketchum said. “We’re going to be the only people around that offer a model suite, where you go in and there’s a closed off area for the brides to get ready and have snacks leading up to the wedding.”

The restaurant also hopes to expand, with possible locations in Portland and Bar Harbor.

In the meantime, nothing goes to waste at the Timeout Pizza Buffet, with leftovers going to homeless shelters instead of dumpsters.

“When the pizzas don’t look great anymore,” said Ketchum, “We box it up and send it down to the Main St. homeless shelter. We do not throw anything away - it all gets donated.”

So head to Timeout Pizza Buffet and grab a slice - they’re open 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. all week long.

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