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'Amazing Race' winners set new show record

May 9, 2012
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They traveled to nine different countries on five continents in their quest to win the 'Amazing Race' on CBS, but what may be the most memorable thing about David and Rachel Brown's journey is that they set an all new 'Amazing Race' record. The married couple from Wisconsin finished in first place eight different times during this traveling reality show. They are now one million dollars richer and the record holders of the most first place finishes in all of twenty seasons of 'Amazing Race.' I recently spoke with Dave and Rachel to hear firsthand how this television adventure has changed their lives.

The Maine Edge: What's more exciting winning the 'Amazing Race' or setting a whole new record of the most first place finishes?

Rachel: We don't agree on that.

David: Obviously the money is phenomenal but the record I'm most proud of is Rachel & I are the team that has successfully completed the most legs in the history of the program.

TME: I haven't seen you two mess up throughout the season and on the last leg when it counts you make it to the mat only to find out you haven't completed the road block, what was that sinking feeling like?

Dave: It was a non-descript clue, we made it from the last challenge and stumbled upon the route marker after our cab driver was oblivious to where the location was. Then to arrive and see all the other teams there, we went from an absolute high to a bottomless low. It was gut-wrenching.

Rachel: We thought we were definitely going to come in last. We didn't think we stood a chance after we messed up that bad.

TME: How did the race change your relationship?

Rachel: I think we got to spend quality time together. Dave was in Iraq for his job for a year so the fact that I got to learn a lot about what he did over there was great.

Dave: It didn't translate well, but we were really supportive of each other. 

TME: Which leg was your favorite?

Rachel: Africa by far. It was unbelievable.

Dave: Definitely Tanzania with the exception of tent construction. 

TME: Any plans for your winnings?

Rachel: We need to save up for vacation time and we're going to also pay off the mortgage.

Dave: I'm looking forward to the financial freedom of not paying a mortgage.

TME: What do you do now that the race is over? Go back to your everyday lives?

Dave: As everyday as our lives are. Rachel travels every week so she'll continue to do that and I'll be at the University of Wisconsin where I'm an assistant professor of military science. I'm more than willing to let our 15 minutes of fame expire. 

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