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Criminal Mischief - (01-27-2016)

January 26, 2016
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BANGOR Officers doing warrant checks ended up arresting two after recognizing one of the pair from a previous incident.

On Jan. 24, around 9:55 p.m., Officers Jordan Perry and Evan Haskell were working on actively locating persons with active warrants. They received information that Brian Carlisle, 30, of Bangor was staying at an address on Griffin Road. When they arrived, he answered the door dressed in a towel. Officers confirmed he had an active warrant and he would need to get dressed. Police offered to escort him upstairs to dress or said someone from upstairs could furnish him with clothing.

Carlisle called upstairs to someone named Jasmine and informed her he was under arrest and that he needed clothing. Someone from upstairs pushed clothing down the stairs, but did not actually descend.

Officer Haskell felt he recognized Carlisle from a previous encounter, and asked if he had previously summoned him and his girlfriend Jasmine Keeler, 26, for operating after suspension. Carlisle denied both having a girlfriend of that name and the police encounter.

Officer Haskell checked with dispatch and found that Carlisle had received the summons in question with a Keeler, who also had an active warrant for arrest. He returned to the residence and called for Jasmine to come downstairs and informed her she was also under arrest and so she would also need to put some clothes on.

Both were taken to Penobscot County Jail on active warrants for failure to appear.

That's personal

BANGOR An Enfield woman is facing charges for allegedly stealing personal products from Shaw's. Very personal products.

On Jan. 24 around 1:58 a.m., Officer David Farrar was dispatched to the Shaw's on Main Street for an alleged shoplifting complaint.

Loss prevention employees had observed Ashley Speed, 30, of Enfield enter the health and beauty section and pick up a Trojan Vibrator and Condom box set and move to another aisle, where she reportedly ripped open the box, placed the items in her pockets and place the box on the shelf.

Speed was charged with theft which was elevated to a class C felony due to previous convictions. The value of the items taken was $13.70.

Traffickers busted in Bangor

BANGOR A New York City man and a Bangor woman were arrested in Bangor following an investigation by MDEA into the sale of crack cocaine and oxycodone from a Larkin Street residence.

The MDEA's North Central Task Force in Bangor, with the assistance of Bangor Police, has been investigating the illicit sale of crack and Oxycodone from a Larkin Street residence in Bangor. As part of this investigation, agents were able to conduct undercover purchases of crack cocaine and oxycodone from individuals inside this single family home.

On Jan. 21, MDEA, assisted by Bangor Police, searched 48 Larkin Street and seized oxycodone, suboxone and over $6,000 in suspected drug proceeds, as well as other evidence of drug trafficking.

Police arrested Douglas Lewis, 31, of New York, NY and charged him with class B trafficking in schedule W drugs; and Megyn Voisine, 27, of Bangor was charged with class B trafficking in schedule W drugs and violation of conditions of release stemming from earlier drug charges she was currently on bail for.

Police nab traffickers

YORK In an unrelated case from Biddeford, MDEA's York District Task Force arrested Thursday a Massachusetts man and a Biddeford woman for aggravated trafficking in heroin and crack.

On Jan. 21, Maine State Police conducted a traffic stop of Kelly Anderson, 49, of Biddeford's, vehicle on the Maine Turnpike in York. The vehicle was observed by agents returning to Maine from Massachusetts. During the traffic stop, a State Police drug certified dog alerted to the presence of drugs in the vehicle.

Marquis Nevins, 36, of Attleboro, Mass., a passenger in the vehicle, was found in possession of approximately 21 grams (210 doses) of heroin and 60 grams (120 doses) of crack cocaine. The approximate street value of the drugs is $10,000. In addition, $3,400 of suspected drug proceeds was also seized from Nevins and Anderson. Nevins and Anderson were transported to the York County Jail, where bail was set at $10,000 cash each.

Nevins was arrested for class A aggravated trafficking in schedule W drugs (heroin and cocaine base) and Anderson was arrested for class A aggravated trafficking in schedule W drugs (heroin and cocaine base).

For the past six months, drug agents have been investigating reports of drug dealing from Anderson's apartment at 28 Center Street. The investigation revealed Anderson would drive the out-of-state distributors to Lowell, Massachusetts to purchase heroin and crack cocaine and then return to Maine where the drugs were repackaged and sold from her apartment.

Groceries to go' still need payment

BANGOR A man is facing charges for reportedly secreting away a decent meal in his backpack.

Police were called by loss prevention for a theft-in-progress at Shaw's. A man, later identified as Terry Quillen, 36, of Bangor, had reportedly taken a basket of merchandise into the restroom and then exited without it. Loss prevention found an empty box of wine and fruit still in the bathroom.

He was stopped by police and they recovered a container of chicken and the plastic bag of wine unopened in Quillen's backpack. The items were valued at $23.58.

He was arrested and charged with theft and taken to Penobscot County Jail.

Maybe there's a reason the license was suspended

BANGOR An area woman added a new charge to an apparent list of convictions.

On Jan. 23, Officer John Hermanson was on patrol when he saw a car exiting the Kobe Restaurant parking lot with no headlights. He was following the vehicle when it turned right at a red light without stopping.

He spoke to the driver, who was identified as Aline Cyuzuzo, 19, of Bangor. A license check showed that her license had been suspended for 'an accumulation of convictions,' according to police.

Cyuzuzo received a summons for operating after suspension and a licensed driver was allowed to drive the car from that point.

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