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Songs of the season

December 22, 2015
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Carol of the kids

Hark how the kids
Sweet little kids
All seem to say
Let's go out and play

Ding-dong, you're it!
No time to sit!
Cleaning the house!
No, that's not a mouse!

One seems to hear
Nothing in here
Where did you go?
Where is your bro?

Oh, how they pound!
Making that sound!
Lower your voice!
Yes, it's a choice!

Loudly they're singing
Deafness they're bringing
Words not quite so clear
Is Christmas here?

We really, really, really love Christmas!
Did we mention really, really love Christmas!

Gifts are all there
With time to spare
We all love this time
Get me some wine!

Hark how the kids
Sweet, little kids
All seem to say
Let's go out and play.

Joy to the World

Joy to the World
we can sleep in
There is no school today!
We might get uuup
At eight-o-clooook
So I won't set my alarm!
No, I won't set my alarm!

No, I wooon't, I woooon't set my alarm.

Silent night

Silent night
Hold on, what was that? You have the hiccups. Yes you can have hiccup water, then it's time for bed. Because it's past bedtime.

Holy Night
Seriously? Leave your sister alone, she is trying to sleep. Because it's bedtime. People sleep during bedtime.

All is calm
Don't hit her!

All is bright.
If you turn on the lights again, I will remove the lightbulbs.

Round yon virgin, mother and child
So help me, I just want to eat my dinner!

Holy infant so tender and mild
Use your words! I can't help you if you yell at me!

Sleep in heavenly peace.
I need a time out.

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