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Counting blessings

November 17, 2015
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We all get into routines it's how we go through life. Kids, as countless websites will tell you, love routines. But so do adults. And when they're interrupted, it makes life complicated.

Well, my routines were interrupted by a car accident the week before last. I won't go into details other than to say everyone is more or less OK and the kids weren't in the car (hooray!). But boy, doesn't that just ruin your normal routine. Even with no major injuries, being sore and exhausted (didn't get home until the wee hours) was going to make the weekend a bit of a trial. You know who doesn't care if you're sore and tired? Three 4-year-olds.

I knew that the next day would be rough. The kids were going to be up bright and early, and I was going to have to be up to make them breakfast. Hubs had actually gotten the worst of the impact and needed more rest than I did.

While waiting for hubby to be cleared in the ER that night, I posted to my ninja Facebook page. (I love that secret little page; it allows me to inform close friends and family without stirring up a truckload of drama amongst acquaintances.)

Later that morning, just before I brought the kids downstairs for breakfast, my friend Melissa called. She said she'd seen the post and could be at the house in a couple of hours. Which made me cry. She came, helped me tidy up, cooked homemade mac and cheese for dinner and ran the kids ragged outside so I could catch some much needed Zs.

Getting out of a routine can be good. It makes you take stock of all the things that have been going right for so long. It's easy to forget, until you're faced with not having some of those things. And you also realize that it could have been worse. We don't like to dwell on that but it could have been worse. And when you're hobbling around sore not even a broken bone or a sprain to your name you realize how delicate you are. Which isn't a fun realization.

But the week before Thanksgiving seems like a good time to take stock of all the awesome things in your life. All the awesome people in your life. Say thanks to someone.

Thank you. Thank you all for making this a better place.

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