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Smoke and mirrors

October 27, 2015
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Every single one of us wants that perfect hairstyle and we are constantly changing our minds as to what we think that is. With Pinterest, the internet and all the hairstyle magazines we can purchase, the options and latest trends are at our fingertips. I love the idea of using pictures to communicate with your hairdresser. They are a great communication tool to use to show what it is you are actually trying to explain with words. What I want to share with you is the proper way to look at those pictures that grab your attention. Almost every single photo that you see is full of what I call smoke and mirrors.

When you are looking at photos, think about what it is you really like about the picture. What is it that grabs your attention first? Are you sure it is the hairstyle, or is it the way it looks on that person? This is especially true when it is a photo of a celebrity. Halle Berry is absolutely gorgeous, and I love her short pixie cut. But not everyone can pull off a cut like that, and it may not look as good on you as it does her. In these situations, I suggest you put your thumb on the face of the person and look at the hair itself. You also could black out their face with a sharpie. Doing this will take your focus off the person, and then you only see the hair.

Be aware that the majority of these photos were taken professionally, and hours of styling and preparation went into that style. This is not to say you shouldn't love the style, just remember that your hair may not look like that every day if you are not able or willing to put the effort into styling it. Your hairdresser can give you the exact haircut you asked for, but if you don't style it and use the proper tools and products, you are going to be very disappointed.

Almost every single person with long or full hair that you see on TV or in the press is wearing hair extensions. It affects the look of the cut and also the color. A photo of someone wearing extensions is not going to translate to most of us out there with fine hair. Out of all my clients over the years, I can count on one hand how many have that amazing, thick, shiny long hair. I call them my Barbies. They are the lucky ones, and very much the minority. Long hair looks good only on this type of hair. This is not to say that you couldn't or shouldn't consider hair extensions. I think that is a wonderful and fun thing to try. Just be aware that most of what you are seeing out there is a lie. They have a secret, and it is hair extensions.

I do not want this to discourage you. I just see so many people who really think these looks can be carbon copied. It is just not realistic. Be aware, and change how you look at these inspirational photos. Take several to your next appointment, and go through them with your hairdresser. I am willing to bet that you will come out with a good happy medium that is your best hairstyle

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