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New Yorkers eliminated from 'Amazing Race'

March 27, 2012
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Only six teams remain on 'The Amazing Race' on CBS. This reality show, now in its 20th season, takes participants on a trip around the world using all modes of transportation. The teams are tasked with various challenges along the way in order to receive clues to that day's particular designated pit stop. The last team to check in risks being eliminated.

On Sunday's episode the teams left Germany and headed to Azerbaijan in Asia where they got to experience what it was like to escape from a plane or helicopter under water. Instead of attempting that challenge, friends Joey and Danny and married couple Dave and Rachel took their chances at the 'fast forward,' a task that, once completed, sends that particular team past all other challenges and straight to the finish line for that day. In Sunday's "fast forward," the teams were required to stack 150 bales of hay, a job that Dave and Rachel breezed through, leaving Joey and Danny to return to the original task. The duo just couldn't recover the time lost attempting the "fast forward" and as a result came in last and were eliminated from the race. I recently got the chance to speak with the boys from the Big Apple to see if they had any regrets about the way they played 'The Amazing Race' and who they'd like to see win.

The Maine Edge: Do you regret going for the "fast forward?"

Joey Lasalla: Yeah, 100 percent. Honestly it was a thing where we opened the clue and saw the "fast forward" and went for it. It wasn't until we got in the cab that we processed it. We go to the gym and lift weights, not hay.

Danny Horal: Yeah, that was the first time I picked up a bale of hay. They definitely had an advantage.

TME: Out of all the countries you were able to visit during your time on the race, which was your favorite?

Joey: I would say Germany. The castle was beautiful. Everything about Germany is very nice.

Danny: I liked Germany a lot; it was cool with the snow falling and everything. It was Christmas time [when we were there] so it was a perfect setting.

TME: What was the toughest part about 'The Amazing Race? Language barrier? Food?

Joey: There is no speed limit in Azerbaijan. You see people crossing in the middle of the street. Some cabs are driving fast, some cabs are going 20 mph. We were trying to tell our cabbie to go here and there, and there was a language barrier. We were frustrated. We didn't get the "fast forward," and we had a cabbie who didn't know where he was going.

Danny: Hardest part is the cabs. Our cab was kind of slow in the beginning when we were headed to the "fast forward" and Dave & Rachel passed us. When we went to the detour [challenge] he [the cabbie] was all by himself.

TME: What's been the reaction of your friends and family to your 'Amazing Race' run?

Joey: People are kind of proud we went for the "fast forward," and I said on TV we can't be beat by a girl and obviously we got beat by a girl. I got made fun of by my friends on Twitter and Facebook, so I tip my hat to her [Rachel] because I got beat fair and square. We were happy we made it on the show and could show that we have a competitor edge and personality.

Danny: How we are is exactly how we were portrayed. We're good and come from good families and the show portrayed us in a good manner and how we really are.

TME: Which team(s) did you become close with?

Joey: We got along with everybody and had a liking for Bopper and Mark.

Danny: We got along with Bopper and Mark and we got along with Ralph and Vanessa.

TME: Out of the remaining teams, which would you like to see win the race?

Joey: We definitely had bond a bond with Ralph and Vanessa and Dave and Rachel, but I want Bopper and Mark to win because he's [Bopper] got a sick daughter and could use the money.

Danny: I'm really rooting for Bopper and Mark to win the whole thing.

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