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Time Waster - Star Light 2'

June 9, 2015
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Often, the little games we play on our phones or web browsers are designed to stress us out there is tension that comes with winning that can sometimes render a game less than fun. But then there are games like 'Star Light 2' that have some challenge to them, but are designed to entertain you in a relaxing way.

This puzzle game is straightforward you have to find images in the stars. You start with a crazy jumble of lines, and use your mouse or touchpad to rotate the image until it makes a recognizable picture. It can seem confusing at first, as the rays go in every direction, but once you get the hang of it you'll be whipping though images quickly.

There are three levels of difficulty, each with nearly 100 puzzles. The music that plays throughout is soothing, and the background images of twilight and heavens are lovely to behold. You can play this game for free, and even create your own constellations at

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