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Vacation, anyone?

March 31, 2015
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What a winter it has been. Are you one of the lucky ones who either has gotten away or is planning to? I really think to survive living here, we need to escape. I was recently lucky enough to get away to the Dominican for six nights. It was beautiful. You don't need to pack much for a warm beach getaway except bathing suits, cover ups, sunscreen (lots of that) and a sun hat. That's the obvious stuff, right? Your hair takes a beating from the salt, sand and sun. To prevent irreversible damage, follow these suggestions.

Before you leave for vacation, I suggest a visit to your hairdresser. Make sure it's in optimal condition which is hard with the dry winter air we've had. I suggest a clear shine color to give your hair pure hydration and shine, such a Paul Mitchell's PM.Shines demi-permanent no ammonia hair color. Follow this with an in salon professional deep conditioning treatment. Your hair will look and feel its best as you head on vacation as well as have a protective layer against the sun and salt.

I truly love soaking up the sun; I did only that my entire vacation. I also love what the salt water does to my fine hair. It looks so great when I head to dinner - thick and super curly. The problem that comes from days of this is dry brittle hair. What happens to hair when it's dry and brittle? It breaks. We want to enjoy it and prevent breakage and color fading. To do this, make sure you are using a professional shampoo, conditioner and leave in conditioner. You should be shampooing and conditioning after your swims. I suggest the leave-in to be used prior to a swim as protection. Apply this like you do your sunscreen. This will keep your hair protected and hydrated throughout your day in the sun. This applies to a day at the beach or by the pool. Chlorine is just as damaging (if not more) than salt water.

Once you've booked your vacation, book your hair appointment. Listen to your hairdresser's suggestions for products with sun protection and a leave-in conditioner. Make sure you pack all of these, and add a sassy sun hat for the ultimate protection and fashion statement. If you aren't getting away this year, save these tips for summer. It's coming eventually, I promise!

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