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Time Waster - Adult Wednesday Adams'

February 24, 2015
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Media is changing, and how we are entertained is changing with it. YouTube has some righteously solid offerings for your viewing pleasure, and you will not be disappointed if you check out Adult Wednesday Addams.

Proper credits for this find go out to Zachary Adams (no relations to the Addams Family), a mixed martial arts enthusiast who shared this link on Facebook.

In this series of shorts, you join Wednesday Addams (Melissa Hunter), all grown up and dealing with the foibles of today's society in a very Wednesday fashion: everything from finding a new apartment, internet dating and dealing with jerks catcalling from a car. And she's in L.A. it's amazing.

Melissa Hunt, who plays Wednesday, is spot on in her delivery. The universe that she inhabits is mostly ours, but Wednesday's grim outlook and the irruption of occult nasties is where the series really shines. Whether you're a fan of the old series or just want a little dark humor in your day, you should check this out.

There are currently three seasons, of about 6 episodes per season. If you like it, subscribe and hopefully they will keep coming. Check it out at Melissa Hunter's YouTube Channel on

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