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Need a pick me up?

February 18, 2015
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The Farmer's Almanac wasn't kidding when it said we were going to get a ton of snow this winter. This time of year can be depressing and rough on our bodies thanks to the lack of light, fresh air and moisture. Keep reading; I've got good news.

If our hair looks good, we feel good, don't we? This time of year is hard on our hair, but there are solutions. The lack of moisture in the air requires us to replace it in our hair and on our skin. I suggest a visit to your hairdresser. These things need to be left to a professional. There are many different in salon treatments that will replenish and rehydrate your hair. You want a treatment and a product at home that work from the inside out, actually rebuilding and healing each stand. No matter what the commercial says, the store bought products are not the same. Your hairdresser knows your hair and what it needs. If you want it to look its best, listen to them. A new color or new haircut won't make any difference if the foundation is weak. Healthy hair is beautiful hair.

Once the foundation of your hair is taken care of and healthy, I suggest another little pick me up for you and your hair. A new haircut, fresh hair color or a new set of bangs are all great ways to spruce up your look and give you some pep in your step during the last weeks of winter (it's got to end at some point, right?). Sometimes a big change can come quite easily. For example, just a few foils of any new color placed in the right spots can give you a whole new look. Don't mistake a new look with a high price. It doesn't have to be time consuming or expensive.

Give yourself and your hair a treat. Call your hairdresser and take time for you. A professional conditioning treatment usually involves time under the hood dryer, and that is sure to warm you up. And adding a few blonde foils will make you look and feel like you've been on vacation without leaving Maine.

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