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Red carpet ready

February 10, 2015
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Awards show season is here. I enjoy watching the red carpet pre show more than the actual show itself. It's fun to see what's coming down the red carpet and what the trends are this year. Of course I pay close attention to the hair and makeup portion more than the clothes they are wearing. This season I'm seeing a couple obvious trends both in hair styling and in haircuts.

I noticed that coming down the runway were less updo types of hairstyles and more hair being left down, especially on longer lengths. I love the simplicity of it as well as the beautiful waves and curls that come with it. I'm willing to bet that this will carry right into prom and wedding season as this year's requested style. Here's the thing: it may look effortless from your living room, but I promise it's not D. I. Y. hair. A professional blowout and set takes some time; those retro waves are beautiful and take some skill to achieve.

The hair cut trend that is huge right now are all things cropped. The cropped length falls between chin and collarbone. I love this length personally. It has definite style with all the styling options of long hair. You can wear it up in a twist or low pony. You clean wear it sleek and straight with proper products and a smoothing iron. But please make sure you use a quality iron to protect your hair (I recommend Paul Mitchell pro tools). You also can use that smooth iron to create a tousled look by adding flips and beachy waves. I think the cropped haircut looks good on everyone at any age. Of course your hairdresser can make adjustments to the style to make it work for you and your hair type. This look can be styled casual and professional as well as edgy and trendy.

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