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But it's a dry cold

January 19, 2015
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We all got a little spoiled in December with warmer than normal temps, and January is sure to make up for that. Mother Nature isn't going to let us off easy this winter. The bitter cold temperature and dry winter air is here to stay for a while. It takes its toll quickly on us with heating costs, our mental state and our bodies. Our hair and skin can surely suffer during the winter months. It is important to take extra care when the temps drop.

It is obvious that there is a lack of moisture in the air right now. Your hair needs moisture to stay healthy and happy. I always tell people this, but during the winter it is even more important. There is absolutely no need to shampoo your hair every day. Your hair needs those natural oils that your body produces. I suggest wearing a shampoo cap at least every other day and letting your hair get the moisture it needs. To freshen up your style, you can use a dry shampoo if needed. Paul Mitchell Dry wash is a great, clear spray dry wash that I like to call a magic wand. It will remove excess oil and refresh your day old hairstyle.

Many of my clients are on the go and low maintenance - heck, I am one of those people too. I think most of us are. The point I want to make is that if you are someone who doesn't like to style your hair and you avoid using the blow dryer you must make friends with one during the winter. Do not, under any circumstance, go outside with wet hair. Didn't your mother teach you this? You don't want to catch a cold or even worse, lose hair, do you? That's right: wet hair will freeze quickly if you go outside and it can literally break off once frozen. If you absolutely refuse to use a hair dryer, I suggest washing and letting your hair air dry the night before. Whatever you have to do, make sure you go outside with dry hair.

Lastly, we all have to bundle up in the winter when we are going outside, especially when the temps drop below zero. It is important that all of us protect ourselves when we go outside. What we hate dealing with is hat head and even worse, static cling. The perfect solution to the static that we get when we take our hats off is to keep a dryer sheet in our pocket. Rub the dryer sheet over your hair and voila! Static is gone. If the hat head you get really drives you crazy, ladies, make sure to also keep a hair tie in your pocket. A pony tail is always cute and stylish and a perfect solution for any bad hair day.

We can never avoid winter here in Maine. I like to stay positive and think that the dreaded below zero temps always show up. The sooner they get here, the sooner they leave and the closer to spring we will be. After all, the days are getting longer. I will be writing to you about humidity before we know it. Just make sure that while weday dream of summer we protect our hair and skin in the winter. Stay warm, my friends.

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