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Time Waster - Infectionator: Christmas Edition'

December 23, 2014
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This is a fun little game that will gear you up for the holidays. You know, if your holidays are filled with the violent walking dead.

'Infectionator' is a game where you basically release the virus that turns humanity into zombies, with the goal being to infect and kill as many as possible before the threat can be eradicated by law enforcement or the military. That's what the regular game was, and the Christmas Edition really isn't much different. Except this time you're after Santa.

That's right, bonus points are awarded if you can take down the big man in any way through the virus or by dropping a grenade on him. Something tells me this isn't the way to get on that 'nice' list I've heard so much about.

But it doesn't matter, because if you do take him or any of his look-a-likes - you will get enough coin to fund your research, increase the spread of the infection, the duration your zombie minions can stay on their feet before 'gooifying' and how nasty they can be.

This is a short game, which is nice because you can really max out your upgrades fairly quickly. But you're going to need to if you hope to have any chance of taking out the North Pole!

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