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Have a Merry Moosey Christmas' this season

December 16, 2014
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When the holidays roll around everyone wants a vacation sometimes even Rudolph. That's the premise for 'Merry Moosey Christmas' ($17.95, Islandport Press), written by Lynn Plourde and illustrated by Russ Cox.

Every year all the children across the world wait in breathless anticipation of Santa's arrival listening for the jingle of silver bells and 'trip-trap' of reindeer paws on the roof. Well, Rudolph wants that too, and decides to petition the Big Man for a year off. But who will lead the sleigh?

Several replacements are considered, but none have quite what it takes until they find Moosey from Maine, who not only looks the part but is able to find all the other attributes you need in a flying reindeer at his local Maine hardware store.

What Santa's reindeer do with magic, Moosey finds with gadgets, gizmos and good ol' Maine know-how. The store he gets most of his gizmos from is never named probably since we have so many to choose from.

And though it isn't all smooth sailing, it's a great story about adapting and ingenuity something anyone who loves Maine can appreciate.

Plourde's story is sweetly told, but what really steals the show is Cox's whimsical illustrations that convey humor with warmth. 'Merry Moosey Christmas' has a lovely mix of sentiment, humor and good will that is perfect for the holidays.

Kids will enjoy the beautifully colored illustrations, and parents will enjoy reading it. This can be a really fun addition to your Christmas line up. So, have yourself a 'Merry Moosey Christmas!'

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