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Shorten the to-do list

November 12, 2014
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I hope that my article this week finds you safe, well and with power back on at your home. I was out of power for three days. I learned that I am spoiled rotten and love how simple electricity makes my life. Having no power really slowed me down. I will admit that there were a few moments that I loved about having no power, like snuggling up with my kids and having the house quiet for a change. But overall I felt like it cramped my style and added to my long list of responsibilities. This may sound like I am whining, but I have a point, I promise.

Halloween is over, November is here and we all know what that means, don't we? I saw the Christmas decorations out a few weeks ago in fact. I really do love this time of year and what it brings; however, one thing I do know is that every single one of our lives is about to get busier. Our lists are about to get longer and we are going to be busy little bees for the next few weeks. Women are so good at juggling many things in our lives with work, home, kids and more. I want to throw an idea out at you and help you by taking a little stress off you. Ready for it?

Are you aware that 38 percent of women say they don't want to blow dry their hair? I know I hate doing my own hair; it just seems like one more thing I have to do in a day. How can you change that? Do you know that you don't need to wash your hair every day? Do you know that a great salon blow-out can last up to a week? Salons called 'Blow-Out Bars' are popping up all over the country ladies because women have caught onto how wonderful a service this is and how it takes the daily stress of doing your hair off the list! You don't need to drive to one of those specialty salons either. Just call your hairdresser and schedule a professional wash and blow-out. It is only going to take about 45 minutes out of your day once a week, but will save tons of time on the other end. Maybe you think you can't afford to do this. I am here to tell you that you can't afford NOT to do this. Time is money and our time is priceless. Try it out once or twice during those especially busy weeks through the holidays or for the holiday parties coming up. After you try it once, I promise you will want to e-mail me to say thank you. Please do and feel free to pop questions and comments my way anytime, I welcome them.

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