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Why community involvement is good for your brand

June 3, 2014
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If you've ever volunteered in the community, you have probably seen the impact it has made on yourself and on others. You meet new people, feel accomplished and make great memories, all while making a societal difference. Community involvement is not only something you should do as an individual or family, though, it is also a great way for employees to work together for a common good. It can not only benefit your employees, but it can also help your brand in a variety of ways. Here are just a few reasons why community involvement is good for your brand.

Increase brand awareness. This may be one of the more obvious benefits, but when your brand is involved in the community it is a great way to increases awareness of your business. Not only do you gain awareness while you are participating, but you can also use the experience as a great talking point for social media, traditional media or a blog post before and after the event. When you're getting involved in your community, take photos to help you remember the moment and be able to share it with others later.

Make a lasting impact. Whatever you're doing for the community, whether it is helping the elderly, volunteering at an animal shelter or picking up trash in the park, your brand will make a lasting impact on those around you. This establishes your company as a socially responsible brand and improves your brand's reputation. Every good deed brings the community one step closer to a happier, healthier, unified place to be.

Grow internal relationships. When your employees work together for a cause, it will help them form more valuable relationships outside of the office, where they might not already do so. Having strong internal relationships are good for overall workplace morale. Their commitment and thoughts toward the company will strengthen as they see the brand doing great things for the community.

Connect with community members. If your brand is already active in the community, attending business after hours, seminars, etc., you have probably met several potential clients whether you are aware of it or not. Community involvement, though, can help you meet people outside of these professional settings, where you can truly be yourself. Participating with community members this way can help you make stronger connections that you otherwise wouldn't have through the normal business events.

While some of the traditional marketing strategies can get help your brand grow, nothing is as truly organic and inspiring as community involvement. It can not only help make a difference in the community, but it can also improve your internal relationships and community relationshipsboth of which are important to seeing your brand grow.

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