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Winter got you down?

April 1, 2014
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Spring officially showed up on the calendar last week, but it sure doesn't look or feel like it out there. It has to come eventually, and in the meantime let's think spring and start acting like it is. Who knows, maybe mother nature will take a hint. 

I am willing to bet that your hair is dry and drab right now due to the extra long and dry winter. You can fix this easily. I suggest a fresh spring haircut. Not your average trim - I mean a new style. Try cutting some length, add face framing layers, cutting bangs or going short. Short is in for spring and summer. These haircuts are fun, fresh and so easy to style. There are some simple changes you can make to your style that will make your feel like you have a brand new look.  

Everyone is suffering from dry skin, scalp and hair right now. I see it on every one of my clients and also deal with it myself. Make sure to take extra good care of your hair to give it the moisture it needs right now. Try doing a home deep conditioning treatment using conditioner or oil such as coconut or olive oil. No need to shampoo before doing this - add this right on your hair and make sure you rub it in your dry scalp. Dampen a towel and warm it up in your microwave. Wrap your hair in it, grab a cup of tea and kick back. Not only are you doing your hair a favor by giving it a little drink of moisture, you are giving yourself a treat as well. I recommend this at least once a week, more if needed (or if you just fall in love with it). 

I say it every year. The first sign of spring that I see as a hairdresser isn't a robin on my front lawn, it is the request for blonde hair color. I have to say it started extra early this year and it seems to be a quick and easy fix for anyone who just needs some light in their life - I mean, their hair. You can add a few or a lot for a quick change to your hair. There are an unlimited number of ways to add some brightness to your hair. It just depends on what you are looking for. Try adding a few natural looking foils or heavier and chunkier-looking foils, or jump on the trend of Ombre hair color (lighter color on the ends only). Usually this can be done in less than an hour and costs can be as little as $25 to start. 

Contact a professional when it comes to your hair. You can often achieve a big change with simple changes. I suggest a new fresh hairstyle followed by a new bright spring-colored outfit to get us out of this winter funk and sprung ahead! 

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