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Three steps to a new you

March 4, 2014
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Are you seeing a new hair stylist for the first time? Are you looking for something totally new the next time you see your current stylist? How about a few suggestions to ensure a great outcome and leaving with exactly what you wanted?

1. Research 

The most important thing for you to do is a bit of research prior to going to your appointment.  Pick up a hairstyle magazine at the grocery store next time you are there and go through it. Realize that you probably won't find the perfect hairstyle in that book. What you will find are things that you do like and things you don't like in each of the hairstyles that you see. That is what is really helpful to a hairstylist. Sometimes what you think are layers and what your stylist thinks are two totally different ideas. Your version of a pixie haircut may be a shorter, chin-length hairstyle, when a true pixie haircut is about 1-2 inches of length all over. 

2. Communicate

When someone leaves the salon unhappy, it is usually because communication failed on both sides. It is important that your hairstylist take the time to consult with you. To ensure that happens, make sure to tell them you want extra time for a consultation when you book the appointment. If you are going to a salon, make an appointment first for a consultation only. Use that time to meet the stylist, tell her what you are looking for, go through pictures and/or color swatches. This is a sure way to start off on the right foot and it is also a way for you to get a feel for the salon, the stylist and see if you think you are a good fit. Chances are if the consultation didn't go well, then the communication was not there and I would recommend trying another stylist.

3. Be realistic

Have you ever hear the old saying, 'I am a beautician, not a magician'? It's true! Keep in mind what your hair is really like - thin, fine, fragile, thick, coarse, curly, frizzy, wavy, medium, short, long, etc. You can't expect your stylist to work magic and make your hair do something it is not going to do. Finding the right style means finding something that works for your hair type and also your lifestyle. If you only have 10 minutes to style your hair every day, then that eliminates certain hairstyles right off the bat. Your stylist needs to know your routine, what products you use, how much time you have to do your hair each day and how often you are willing to come back for maintenance on your hairstyle. We all want to have that hair we see on TV or in fashion magazines (we want the body too, but that is another story), but realize that almost every one of those styles involves hours of styling by a professional, and most likely includes extensions. This just isn't realistic on a daily basis for anyone. 

None of these suggestions means that you have to settle. Each one of us has the prefect hairstyle opportunity. Following these suggestions is going to help you find yours a little faster. Research your hairstyle options, communicate with your stylist and be realistic about the outcome and I promise you are going to walk out of the salon feeling like a million bucks!   

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