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The Band Perry embarks on pioneer tour

February 4, 2014
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The Band Perry The Band Perry edge photo by Kaitlyn Furge

The Band Perry rocked the Cross Insurance Center stage Friday night. It was their first stop in the U.S. on their We are Pioneers World tour. The show was jam-packed with a variety of numbers that kept the diverse audience highly engaged and energized through every step of the show. 

American Idol season 10 winner Scotty McCreery opened the show. McCreery, who is now 20, still belts the low vocals that catapulted him out of a small town and into notoriety. Citing that he liked older music and its influence on his life, McCreery crooned numbers made notorious by Johnny Cash and Elvis. He seemed to sail through the notes without flaw, only deviating to put his own spin and style in a few places. McCreery also showcased a few of his songs of his album Clear as Day. 

The Band Perry made their view of music very clear from the moment they appeared on stage. 

'To us, this is one part therapy, and two parts recess,' Kimberly said from the stage. The night was truly a reflection of those words. Up-beat numbers dominated the play list, with enough momentum to get the crowd to kick up their boots. Like a roller coaster, the fun and games dipped into moments of gravity that brought serious meaning to the rest of the show. Before playing Pioneer, an American flag was brought into the spotlight while violinist Jason Fitz played the Star Spangled Banner. By the time the siblings had segwayed into Pioneer, the crowd was so enveloped in emotion that a seriousness could be seen in everyone's eyes.  

Kimberly Perry, who fronts the band, can be characterized onstage by her downright excess of energy. During 'Forever Mine Nevermind,' the graphics behind the band resembled something out of a comic book, and there were times when Kimberly could have flown off the stage with sonic power that would have put Clark Kent to shame. Thrusting mic stands into the air and darting around the stage in heels not only made the show worth watching every second, but also flavored the show with a rock and roll edge that the country band has become known for.  

Of course the band would not be complete without the antics and musical talent of her two brothers. Neil Perry proudly declared on stage that he puts the 'man' in 'mandolin,' which was not only funny, but a fact. He makes the overlooked and unusual instrument seem like a staple that every band should have, regardless of their genre. Reid Perry donned his long hair, leather pants, and a black T-shirt with a skull hand on it. His wardrobe reflected the band's sometimes gothic persona that can be heard in songs like 'Dig Two' and 'If I Die Young.' The performance that night was did not carry that feel, but instead centered on confessions and conversations between the siblings that made the listener feel like they were a part of the family as well. 

Overall, the tone of the show was a high-octane thrill ride. Both McCreery and the siblings from The Band Perry radiated confidence throughout their performance. The concert may not have been pure country, but it undoubtedly had roots wilder that Kimberly's blonde ringlets. The image is in sync with the sibling's new song, 'pioneer,' and perhaps the band is blazing a trail of their own when it comes to genre, who can tell. What we can tell is that it sure is fun to watch.

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