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Time Waster - Futilitris'

January 21, 2014
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Time Waster - Futilitris' Time Waster - Futilitris'

Many people are familiar with 'Tetris,' the game where you drop blocks of various shapes (straight line, 4x4, the L-shapes, and so on) down, hoping to get lines to line up so they will dissolve the wall. 'Futilitris' takes those same shapes, and the same basic concept, but instead of having the blocks disappear when you fill in a gap-free line, your borders expand by the same number and your screen gets bigger.

You're forever building, yet still trying to avoid the ceiling, which will only get taller if you keep expanding your playing field.

You can play it for free, and as far as I can tell there is no end. So depending on your level of skill, there could be no end to how much time you waste.

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