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I dos and I don'ts!

January 21, 2014
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Get Ginafied! Get Ginafied!

I and my team from the salon participated in the Bangor Bridal Show last weekend at the Spectacular Event Center. We did hair and makeup for about 30 models who participated in two separate runway shows, one on Saturday night featuring dresses from Dream Dress Bridal and one on Sunday featuring dresses from The Henry's Bridal boutique. We had a lot of fun doing the hair and makeup, especially since we had complete creative control over the looks. We chose to show classic wedding hair based on three hairstyles: the classic vintage wave in long hair left down, the top bun (think Audrey Hepburn) and the low romantic chignon. All hairstyles are really based on these three looks, and a bride can never go wrong choosing one of these for her big day. 

I gave a talk prior to the start of each runway show where I discussed classic hairstyles and my own list of 'dos and don'ts' of wedding hair and makeup. For most, the dress is the most important thing when planning a wedding. It is the first thing you think about. I am here to tell you that your hair and makeup need to be #2. 

I suggest that you hire a professional and expect to pay well for it. You want a salon and stylists that have the experience with weddings and a good reputation. You are going to pay more for it and it is well worth it. Your look and the look of your wedding party is important. Make sure that you insist your entire wedding party gets their hair and makeup done at the salon of your choice, and don't take no for an answer. Doing your hair yourself is going to show when everyone else had it done professionally. 

We suggest that you bring lots of pictures to communicate with your stylist. Don't be unrealistic about the outcome, and don't expect your hair to look exactly like those pictures. Use them as an inspiration for your personal look. 

Make sure that your personality shows up in your look, but don't get too trendy. Choose one thing and go for it. An elaborate dress, heavy makeup and a big, crazy, trendy hairstyle is going to be overkill. Let the dress shine, as it should. Your makeup should be just a step up from your normal everyday look. A heavy, smoky eye and the trendy side braid should be left for the next formal party you go to, not your wedding day. 

Make sure that you listen to your stylist and his or her recommendations. Remember, we are licensed professionals. This is your first wedding, but honey, I've been to so many I can't even count them. We have the experience and that is why you hired us. If we tell you that you should put your hair up because it is 100 degrees outside in the middle of August, listen to us so that you don't look like a drowned rat in your pictures. 

Your wedding day is the biggest day of your life. You are going to look back on the day for years to come in your pictures and video. Make sure that every time you look at those pictures you are happy with what you see and that you don't say, 'What was I thinking?' Most salons offer free verbal consultations and it is also a great idea to schedule an appointment with a few to get a feel for the salon and to meet the stylist. Have them style your hair for a special night out to see if you like them and the way they work. Ask around. Word of mouth is the best way to find the right salon. Whatever you do, just leave it to a professional.

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