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Blue Man experience

October 16, 2013
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Blue Man Group Blue Man Group

Great show all around, the closer the better

BANGOR The Cross Insurance Center's auditorium floor was packed. The first few rows of guests pulled on clear plastic ponchos to protect them from the spray (Yes, Blue Man Group shows have a 'splash zone').

Before the show kicked off, there were LED tickers that scrolled text discouraging cell phone use, such as texting, taking selfies or operating drones. The thread of humor was something that continued throughout the show.

The show itself was an amazing sensory experience, filled with vivid colors, intense music and percussion and a complete blurring of the lines between audience and performance. The performance kicked off with the iconic drumming - one Blue Man hitting the oil drums while the other two poured paint on him.

Scattered throughout the show were parts that would leave you questioning whether it was a scripted event or something completely impromptu. The question is never answered.

The themes of art, participation, communication and involvement were gloriously present in every part of the fast-paced, interactive show. They created different aspects of art and poked fun at it simultaneously. They also gave their creations away.

Hearing some of the kids in the audience react (with gales of infectious laughter) to the antics of the Blue Men catching marshmallows or getting cereal on their face only heightened the joy. It was impossible to tell if the volunteers in the audience were plants or simply random audience goers which is the point. The mystery, the humor, the blue grease paint: it's all part of the art (the mocking of the art and rocking the art).

Participation is mandatory. If you aren't playing, you need to rethink why you're there. Part of the Blue Man experience is letting your guard down and shaking your booty. (Yes, I shook my booty.) 

If you missed the performance, well, hopefully there will be more. Just remember, sit as close as you can even if it means putting on a poncho and getting some Blue on you.

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