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Dry enough for you?

September 10, 2013
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Dry enough for you? Dry enough for you?

Summer always goes by way too fast for me, and even though I love fall here in Maine, it is hard to say goodbye to warm summer nights and days at the beach. There is one area that I know is still telling us all how much fun you had this summer in the sun, and that is your hair. Is it looking a little dry, maybe a little too blonde? Summer sun, heat and humidity all take a toll on our hair. Don't fret; there are many options for you.

The biggest thing I see right now is hair that is just a little too bleached out from the sun. Even you brunettes suffer from this. I recommend adding some darker color back into your hair through foils to keep the dimension in your hair alive and well. Remember, we live in a three-dimensional world and your hair color should be too. When I say darker, I simply mean to add any color darker than what you have currently. This is also a fun way to play and maybe add a little bit of a color that you haven't tried. Fall is here, so bring on the shades of red, gold and orange. Go ahead, try it!

Any time we go through a seasonal change, our hair is the first to notice it. I am sure all of you have dry summer hair right now and with the humidity going out the window that is only going to get worse. Preparing and repairing your hair now will save it throughout the winter. Contact your stylist for an in-salon conditioning treatment. Ask to add that onto your next appointment with them. It will be relaxing for you, not too expensive, and your hair will look and feel great. It isn't a bad idea to make this a habit each time you see your stylist for a color. It is going to help your color last and your hair feel great (it's also great for those trying to grow out their hair).  

Keeping your hair looking and feeling its best is important. Your hair is one of the first things that people are going to notice when they see you. If you are having a good hair day, you just feel great all around. Looking your best doesn't have to cost a lot of money. Trust your stylist and live a little. Adding just a few foils of a new color you have never tried and treating yourself and your hair to a conditioning treatment is going to leave you feeling great, I promise. Next time you see your stylist, grab that pumpkin spice coffee (one for them too, we love coffee) and treat yourself and your hair.


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