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Sarah's House of Maine one step closer to opening

September 4, 2013
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Sarah's House Of Maine Sarah's House Of Maine

HOLDEN - Patients who use the Lafayette Family Cancer Center in Brewer will soon have a nearby place to rest following their cancer treatments, at little to no cost. Sarah's House of Maine, a nine-bed hospitality house, plans to close on the former Fox Run Furniture Gallery property in Holden this month. And none of it would be possible if it wasn't for a young Old Town Rotarian named Sarah Robinson. 

"Before Sarah passed, she worked tirelessly on the project getting everything lined up and doing research on other hospitality houses," said Lindsay Turner, Sarah's identical twin sister. "She took her [hospitality house] idea to her local rotary club and to people she knew would be interested in helping with the project."

While battling a brain tumor, Robinson came up with the idea for a hospitality house after meeting several other cancer patients who had to commute for miles and miles for their appointments. Robinson expressed to her family on numerous occasions how much she wanted to alleviate the burden of travel for these individuals.

"Sarah always felt touched by their struggle and wanted them to actually come stay at our house. We all joked around that she wanted to buy bunk beds and put it in our basement and that was her way of helping people out," said Turner.

Robinson lost her battle with cancer on Dec. 4, 2011 at the age of 26. But her family, including her young daughter Morgan, are determined to see her dream become a reality.

"We call her the champion fundraiser. She [Morgan] sells lemonade and she sells eggs from her chickens at home and it all goes to Sarah's house. She even gives her money from the tooth fairy to Sarah's house," said Turner.

Robinson's coworkers from Town & Country Realtors on Union Street in Bangor are also doing what they can to help Sarah's House of Maine open its doors.

"A lot of the agents were really close with her and wanted to help make her dreams come true," said Kasey Davis of Town & Country. "We did a yard sale last year and donated it all to Sarah's house. This year we did a yard sale and raffle and have surpassed our goal of $5,000."

Turner, who is the campaign committee chair for Sarah's house, said the nonprofit will officially open when $893,000 has been collected. That's the amount needed for renovations to the building and to cover the first five years of operations.  

"We are over the halfway mark to that amount. It's pretty surreal," said Turner. "Losing my twin sister is the most horrific thing that can happen in my lifetime, but in a way we know she didn't die for nothing. She had a purpose and it now gives us a purpose to carry the torch for her."

To learn more about Sarah's House of Maine, including how you can contribute or volunteer, log on to

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