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True believers in this country night

June 26, 2013
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True believers in this country night edge photo by Mike Fern
Rucker and company bring complete package to Waterfront

BANGOR - Darling's Waterfront Pavilion officially welcomed Summer to Bangor on June 21 with Darius Rucker's 'True Believers Tour.' It was a full-moon night of country music and Southern sentiment that featured Rodney Atkins and Jana Kramer along with Rucker.  

Opening the show with 'Sass and Class,' Kramer is rocking country with a straight-up message for men: smarten up. Stopping short of the typical trailer trash antics of many female country performers, Kramer's brass tacks are solid, entertaining, and smartly executed. Included in the set list were hit singles 'Whiskey' and 'I Hope it Rains.'

Atkins is wall-to-wall entertainment with his high-energy band and musical style. Singing well-crafted tributes to rural American life, Atkins is fun country music with just enough twang wrapped up in electric guitar. This show was clearly designed to draw in and thrill the crowd.

Atkins sang hit after hit, including 'Cleaning This Gun' and 'If You're Going Through Hell.' Standout songs for Atkins express the relationship between father and son. 'Watching You' and 'He's Mine' poignantly express what every son wants his father to say.  

Rucker brought velvet-smooth, subtle country music to the stage. With a voice like sweet tea, he mixes fans from Hootie and the Blowfish with hard core country lovers. Rucker's sound is layered, mixing traditional country with a tempered twang. The result: a clever and fresh mix of country.  

Included in the lineup were hits 'Let Her Cry,' 'Hold my Hand,' and 'I Only Want to be with You.'  The encore of hit single 'Wagon Wheel' and a surprising cover of Prince's 'Purple Rain' clinched the fact that Darius Rucker can flex many a musical muscle and leave the crowd True Believers.

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