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Daughter of Don Knotts to perform in Bangor

June 12, 2013
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Tied Up in Knotts!, a comedy show dedicated to the memory of Don Knotts, is coming to Bangor. The show features Don Knotts's daughter, Karen Knotts. The show will take place on Saturday, June 22 at 7:30 p.m. in the Gracie Theatre located on the Husson University campus. Adult tickets are $17, with discounts available for Husson alumni. 

Knotts designed a show full of laughter, stories and music.

'I wanted to show that my father was funny, and that he was funny just as himself,' Knotts said in a telephone interview. She stated that anyone familiar with Barney Fife or 'The Andy Griffith Show' will find the show interesting, as well as anyone interested in the history of show business. 

'It was live television back then. You only had one shot to get it right,' said Knotts. 

Knotts says that her desire to be in comedy started at a young age. 

'As a kid, I would run lines with my father, and that was as far as I ever got then.... He wanted me to have a normal childhood,' said Knotts. 

'I had a very special relationship with him that was so awesome. He was like a buddy,' she said. 'I think one of my best memories with him was walking on the set of The Andy Griffith Show' for the first time and seeing what everyone was really like. Ron Howard had this maturity about him, which was strange, because we were the same age.' 

Knotts also remembers an Aunt Bee, who was tougher than her onscreen character. Even her father, Knotts says, was different from his role in the show. 

'He was extremely sophisticated,' Knotts said. 'He would tune into talk radio every day. He was very informed on what was happening in the world, and he was very quiet at times. He always said that Barney was the child inside of him who couldn't quite cover his emotions.'

One of the things she learned from her father was to live life with a fun point of view. But she says that her father was also a practical person. 

'He always made sure I had a job,' Knotts said. Her father encouraged her to go back to school and be a librarian, a job which she still holds to this day. She says that having a well-rounded life was something her father emphasized. 

Despite her father's fame, Knotts says that getting into show business has been a challenge.  

'People think that if you have a name, it's just easy, but it's not,' she said. 

Knotts believes that her biggest accomplishment to date has been her comedy show. She says the show has opened a lot of doors for her, allowing her to perform in about a dozen different states, as well as Scotland.   

'I feel like a have a clear path now,' Knotts said. 

If you would like more information on Karen Knotts, visit For information or tickets for the show taking place in Bangor, visit or call the box office at 941-7888. Husson alumni should contact the alumni director at 404-5653 for discounted rates.

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