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Mary Kay: more than just make up

May 22, 2013
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Mary Kay was very much into charity. And although she has passed on, she is able to continue to enrich women's lives through her independent beauty consultants (IBC).

Hillary Haskell, 23, has been an IBC, and she makes sure that whenever she hosts a Mary Kay party she offers 10 percent of all the proceeds to go to the charity of the hostess's choice. Not every consultant does this, but every consultant has the opportunity to.


"Mary Kay started the company when she retired because she could essentially start using it to help women feel better about themselves and earn an income that was reasonable. When she started making big money she started giving back to the community," Haskell said. "I chose to make my Mary Kay about charity. I think Mary Kay Ash would be pleased."

Haskell began selling Mary Kay not only because she loves the products and wants to share it with everyone, but also because she needed to supplement her income. She liked the idea of a company that was cash only and not impacted by the changes in the stock market. But most of all she loved that she was able to help the community.

"Mary Kay says 'Faith first, family second, work third.' A big part of her faith is charity. Mary Kay [as a whole] keeps stuff about charity relatively quiet, but the details for our latest makeover contest are online," Haskell said. "Five thousand dollars will go toward a charity that helps women and children. Mary Kay was the original 'pay it forward' in my opinion."

Haskell says that it is amazing for her to work with women who really want to help other women. She has been on the receiving end of that kindness in the past. Her twin sons were born prematurely and did not survive. She was able to call her director up crying just to talk about how she missed her sons. She says she really felt like she had a support system through Mary Kay.

People may assume that Mary Kay parties are all about selling make up and making a profit, but Haskell likes to make sure women are able to try out the product and do skincare themselves. These parties are free.

"At parties, or first dates we call it, I go over skincare needs and give them a pretty basic look. Now that I know them, if there is a second date I can pick out things that better suit their needs. The reason that our customers are actually clients is because I am their IBC for life," Haskell said.

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