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Sleeping in

May 1, 2013
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Anyone who has had kids knows you are basically trading in late mornings for the proper care and raising of the future of humanity. It's not a bad trade-off in the long run, but it may seem like a steep price, especially at 6 a.m. on a Saturday after you stayed up a little too late watching 'The Hobbit' the night before (yes, I'm still catching up on movies that debuted in 2012).

Sleeping in becomes the stuff of legends. I like to talk to my child-free friends about their ability to wake up around 8 or 10 in the morning. Yes, it's a little masochistic, but I do like to hear about other people having a nice lazy morning.

So when the opportunity arose for me to join my soon-to-be sister-in-law down in Portland for her bachelorette party - which included hitting some pubs and dance clubs in the downtown and spending the night at a hotel within walking distance - I leapt at the chance. This would be the first time in almost two years I would wake up without the kids in the same building as me.

It's not that we haven't gotten out of the house. Friends and family have been happy to watch the kids while we grab a bite to eat at our favorite restaurants. We've even gone out together, even. And I've also given my husband the occasional kids-free house by hauling the brood visit with the grandparents on a couple of occasions.

But I hadn't had one. And I was due.

And it was a super-fun night filled with Gritty's beer, fine seafood dinner followed by cocktails and dancing at a nearby club.

What appealed to me more than fine food, great beer and dancing the night away was sleeping in. I paced myself accordingly - I'd rather not wake up with a headache and dry heaves. While I didn't tee-total, I made sure that I didn't overdo it. I crashed a little earlier than the rest of the crew, but still hung in until after midnight.

As expected, I woke up around quarter to six in the morning. But I was able to do something I really have a hard time doing when I'm home I rolled over and went back to sleep.

On a really quiet morning, I might make it to 7 a.m., and if the kids are being really good, sneak in another couple of Zs until 7:20 or 7:30. But due to the nature of toddlers, you can hear them. And you have the inner conversation of whether or not to try to keep sleeping, or just give up all pretenses of shut-eye and grab some coffee.

Not so at the hotel. There was a little early morning girly chit-chat, followed by two whole hours of extra sleep. I got up at 9 a.m., an hour that hasn't seen the inside of my eyelids since 2011. I took an unhurried shower. Then I went to grab hot breakfast a hot breakfast I hadn't cooked myself. I sipped coffee I hadn't brewed myself.

It was lovely.

And yes, I did miss the kids. But not so much that I wouldn't do this again in a heartbeat.

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