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November 28, 2012

November 28, 2012
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Police declare Alton incident a domestic violence homicide

ALTON Maine State Police say the death of an Alton woman inside her home last week was a domestic violence homicide. That conclusion was reached this weekend following the autopsies on a woman and the two men also found dead in the house.

Dr. Margaret Greenwald, Maine's chief medical examiner, said the woman died of 'multiple stab and incised wounds to the neck, including the throat,' and the two men both died of 'close contact gunshot wounds to the head.' Greenwald concluded that the death of first man was a suicide but that more work is necessary to determine the manner of death of the second man. 

Detectives say the woman was killed by her husband early Monday afternoon inside the home. The two men met later at a Bangor restaurant and spent the rest of the afternoon together, arriving back at the woman's home about 5:30 p.m. At 6:52 p.m. one man phoned a female friend to meet him at the house. It was that woman who called police at 7:23 p.m. after she discovered one of the bodies in an upstairs bedroom. Police later found the two other bodies in the same room.

Police say they have learned that the two men had talked in the past about both committing suicide and that lab work and more interviews are necessary before concluding whether the second man was shot by the first or whether he took his own life. One of the two handguns recovered was owned by the second man and detectives are continuing to work on who owned the second gun.

Police say the first man and the female victim were married but estranged and had been living apart in recent months. A suicide note by the first man was found inside the house.

Editor's note: The Maine Edge does not identify victims of homicide/suicide unless it serves an overwhelming public need.

Man nabbed for car burglary

BREWER Police were called to investigate a man reportedly entering vehicles on Center Street. Officers Thom Tardiff and Kristie Bouchard located a man who matched the description and identified him as Robert Martin, 20, of Kenduskeag. A witness subsequently confirmed that he was the man she saw in her car, according to police.

Martin was arrested for violating his conditions of release and taken to Penobscot County Jail. He was also charged with burglary to a motor vehicle and is the suspect in several motor vehicle thefts. 

Unfortunately, partying is 21-plus

BREWER While responding to a noise complaint on Parker Street, officers found several minors drinking alcohol. They summoned Randy Manzo, 18, of Brewer, for furnishing or allowing consumption of liquor by a minor. 

Police arrest two shoplifters in separate incidents

ORONO Two men are facing theft charges after allegedly shoplifting in separate incidents at Bells Orono IGA.

At around 2:09 p.m., employees called police to the store after reportedly seeing Sterling Neptune, 19, of Old Town, pocket a bottle of children's Tylenol. He was arrested and officers located a small amount of marijuana.

He was taken to Penobscot County Jail and charged with theft and possession of a usable amount of marijuana.

Later in the evening, police returned after employees witnessed Eric Roy, 25, of Old Town, open a box of Advil, take the bottle and return the box to a different shelf. He was also arrested and charged with theft.

Man arrested for selling bath salts'

THOMASTON Maine Drug Enforcement Agents charged a Thomaston man Tuesday afternoon with selling the synthetic hallucinogenic drug known as bath salts from his home. Also arrested at the house were two other people - both on probation for previous drug violations.

Working with Thomaston and State Police, MDEA raided the home of 42-year-old David Reckards at 19 West Meadow Road. Seized from the house were a quantity of bath salts worth about $10,000 on the street, along with packaging material, scales, needles and drug paraphernalia. Reckards was convicted in March of possessing bath salts.

Also arrested at the house were Walter Brochu, 32, of Thomaston, and Amanda French, 25, of Rockland. Both were charged with violating probation from previous drug-related convictions.

Agents say Reckards was selling from drugs from his house and police had received complaints of a large number of cars coming and going from the house during both daytime and nighttime hours.

Mustang stealth brings speedy motorists to a halt

ORONO - Motorists are finding it increasingly difficult to spot police cars these days. That's because over the years, the men and women in blue have moved away from using the stereotypical Ford Crown Victoria and opted for SUVs, Mustangs and other unmarked cars to stop violators in their tracks.

"We've got some issues especially in the Bangor area with [motorists] failing to yield getting on the interstate, speeding and aggressive driving," explained Lt. Wesley Hussey of the Maine State Police.

But by using a sporty and fast-moving Ford Mustang Stealth, state police have been able to pull over unsuspecting violators again and again on Interstate 95.

"This is the third year in a row we've used the vehicle," said Hussey.

The Maine Turnpike Authority issues Orono State Police these sports cars for approximately six months at a time before the used vehicles go to the auction block.

"The Turnpike Authority may run them year round. They have a little more leeway. We keep them on the interstate system and run them primarily in the summer months. We don't put them in rural areas at all," explained Hussey.

These unmarked muscle cars are turning out to not only be a good deterrent but accident preventers as well.

"We get some pretty high rollers for sure," said Hussey. "Violators aren't necessarily gender specific. We [pull over] all age ranges and genders."

As successful as the program has been, Hussey isn't certain it will continue next year.

"It's a year by year thing. Who knows if we'll have one again next year. A lot will depend on vehicle availability," explained Hussey.

No matter what, the state police in Orono will continue to roll along, stop and ticket violators along the highway with whatever set of wheels they're in.

"The vehicle is just a tool to enforce violations. We'll still enforce those with whatever vehicle we have," he said.

The story "Mustang stealth brings speedy motorists to a halt" was written by Jodi Hersey

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