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Kibbles and Picks 2022 – Week 3

September 22, 2022
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And so it begins.

With Stella’s correct call on the final game of Week 2 – Philadelphia over Minnesota – she ended the week with a 10-6 record, one better than my own 9-7. Hence, she is in the lead, a lead I don’t expect that she will relinquish for the rest of the season. It’s just a question of how deep the hole gets, you know?

Probably pretty deep, if history is any indicator.

That being said, there’s potential for a big week here – maybe even one of our biggest ever – because Stella and I are at odds on TEN of the week’s 16 contests. If I (unlikely) or she (much more plausible) should go on a big run, there’s a big lead that could be established. Sure, it’ll probably wind up being like 6-4 or whatever, but hey, if one of us goes 8-2 or 9-1, it’s going to be one hell of a hill to climb (apologies for the mixed metaphors – deep holes, tall hills, it’s chaos).

With so many games, the writeups are going to be a little on the briefer side this week. We’ll start with the Thursday night contest, a game that needs little in the way of breakdown. I’m going with the visiting Steelers, Stella’s going with the Browns at home. Basically, we both think that the team whose lead running back performs best – Najee Harris for Pittsburgh, Nick Chubb for Cleveland – will win what promises to be an ugly one. We’ve made our choices – just don’t make us watch the game.

Next, we’ve got Houston/Chicago. This will be a terrible game and neither one of us cares who wins. I picked Chicago, Stella picked Houston. Why? Who knows? Let’s move on.

I’ve got the visiting Raiders going into Tennessee and taking down the Titans. I’m not sold on this Vegas squad, but I do love what I’ve seen from Davante Adams so far – turns out he’s pretty good at catching footballs – so I’m taking a swing. Stella thinks that Derrick Henry is going to run roughshod over the Raiders, gaining huge chunks of yardage when he touches the ball. She’s a little concerned about the beating that Tennessee took last week, but not so much that she’ll switch to the Raiders.

In one of my more blatant acts of homerism, I’m picking the Patriots to win at home against the Ravens. The fact that they’re at home is the very flimsy justification on which I’m pinning this pick. That and maybe the Mac Jones/Jakobi Meyers connection continues to evolve? I don’t know – I’m just picking the Pats. Stella snickered when she took the Ravens. TO her mind, she can justify her choice with just two words – Lamar Jackson. She thinks Jackson’s “You Should Have Paid Me” tour will continue and expects massive numbers against an iffy New England defense. I get why she made the pick, but she didn’t have to be so mean about it.

From there, we’re heading down to Carolina, where I’ve got the Panthers holding serve at home against the Saints. Basically, I’m banking on Christian McCaffery having enough juice to carry the offense until he gets hurt – and he’s not hurt yet. It’ll be interesting to see what he and QB Baker Mayfield can do against this New Orleans D. Stella’s certainly not sold on Jameis Winston as a QB, but she’s got a hunch about this game. Specifically, she thinks this is when wideout Michael Thomas really starts shaking the rust off and blows up a bit. We both think this game may ultimately turn on an untimely turnover.

Next up, I’ve got the Rams going into Arizona and beating the Cardinals. Sure, the defending champs have looked a bit off, but they still have an elite receiving corps going against a relatively inexperienced secondary. I like Matt Stafford’s chances to move the ball, even if the Rams running game is questionable. Stella likes the Cardinals coming off their surprising overtime triumph against the Raiders. She thinks Kyler Murray will be able to make some plays even in the face of the daunting Rams pass rush. She’s also expecting the Cardinals to force Stafford into making a mistake or two, and if those mistakes are costly enough, that should seal the win.

We’ve got another “ugh” game in Atlanta/Seattle. I’m picking the Seahawks because they’re at home. Stella’s picking Atlanta because she likes Cordarelle Patterson. Neither of us feel great about it, nor do we intend on watching one second of this game.

Cue Chris Berman talking about the Bay of Pigs – it’s Green Bay/Tampa Bay! I’m going with the visiting Packers, largely because I’m holding out hope that Aaron Jones – who is on my fantasy team – will continue the explosive level of production that we saw last week. Oh, and Aaron Rodgers is here as well, so depending on where he’s at in his spirit quest, that could be cool. Stella is a little worried about Tom Brady and the Buccaneers offense, but she thinks that the Tampa Bay defense should be able to pick up the slack. She’s counting on them to stack the box and dare Rodgers to beat them by throwing to the hobbled and undermanned receiving corps.

In the 49ers/Broncos matchup, I’m going with Denver, although I don’t feel great about it. Hopefully, Russell Wilson will continue to find his feet (and wideout Courtland Sutton, who is ALSO on my fantasy team) and the Broncos will come up with the necessary offensive output to win. Stella was particularly sad to see Trey Lance go down – she liked him a lot this year – but she’s still okay with the Niners, because she believes in Jimmy G. She also recognizes that San Francisco is the NFL equivalent of a MASH unit right now, but her adorable little gut is telling her that the 49ers still have enough to take down a so-so Denver squad.

Lastly, we come to the Cowboys/Giants tilt. I’m going with the Cowboys because, despite the fact that something called Cooper Rush is apparently their QB right now, I just don’t have it in me to go with the Giants. Lots of Zeke Elliott and defense. Stella’s no fan of the G-Men, but she also thinks that Dallas is reeling and that they’re going to have a hell of a time trying to slow down the resurgent Saquon Barkley. Plus, this game might ultimately have a real impact on the division race – a fact that both of us believe favors our own pick.

And there you have it. Ten whole games! I’d love to have a big week, but I think the outcomes in order of likelihood are:

  1.     Even or a game or two on either side
  2.     Stella blows me out
  3.     The entire slate gets cancelled because of a supervolcano
  4.     I blow Stella out

Check back in with us next week and see which was the true result. Unless it’s the supervolcano one, in which case, head to high ground and prepare for the hardscrabble desperation that comes with trying to rebuild a shattered society.

(winners in caps)



Thursday, September 22

PITTSBURGH at Cleveland

Sunday, September 25

Houston at CHICAGO

LAS VEGAS at Tennessee

KANSAS CITY at Indianapolis

BUFFALO at Miami

Detroit at MINNESOTA

Baltimore at NEW ENGLAND


PHILADELPHIA at Washington

New Orleans at CAROLINA

Jacksonville at LA CHARGERS

LA RAMS at Arizona

Atlanta at SEATTLE

GREEN BAY at Tampa Bay

San Francisco at DENVER

Monday, September 26

DALLAS at NY Giants

Week 2 record: 9-7

Season record: 17-14-1



Thursday, September 22

Pittsburgh at CLEVELAND

Sunday, September 25

HOUSTON at Chicago

Las Vegas at TENNESSEE

KANSAS CITY at Indianapolis

BUFFALO at Miami

Detroit at MINNESOTA

BALTIMORE at New England


PHILADELPHIA at Washington

NEW ORLEANS at Carolina

Jacksonville at LA CHARGERS


ATLANTA at Seattle

Green Bay at TAMPA BAY


Monday, September 26

Dallas at NY GIANTS

Week 2 record: 10-6

Season record: 18-13-1

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