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Celebrity Slam - Fight the unfriendly skies

April 27, 2022
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We do not condone violence here at Celebrity Slam. We are big fans of wounding with words, not with fists, and the reality is that there are vanishingly few situations in which resorting to physical confrontation is the right thing to do.

However, we are also charged with addressing the weird and wild things that celebrities get up to. Sometimes – not often, but occasionally – those things veer into the realm of the physical, leaving us little choice but to discuss them in this space.

So yes, we are in fact going to talk about Mike Tyson punching that guy.

If you have any interest in seeing the video, you have almost certainly already seen it, but if you’re unaware and would prefer to have us describe the incident to you, we’re happy to do so.

It all went down last week, when Tyson was aboard a JetBlue flight out of San Francisco. It was a late flight to Miami – 10:30 p.m. According to witnesses, Tyson – who was in town to promote his cannabis dealings at San Francisco’s 4/20 celebration – was initially extremely gracious with his fellow passengers, posing for selfies and generally being amicable.

However, that wasn’t enough for one Melvin George Townsend III.

Apparently, Townsend was such a harassing presence – even after being asked several times to stop by Tyson – the ex-champ had enough and started throwing punches, bloodying the guy’s eye. Both Townsend and Tyson were taken off the plane and questioned by SFPD.

A video of the punching quickly went viral. It’s obviously a bad look for Tyson regardless, but as witness reports started trickling out, a somewhat understandable picture began to come into focus.

Specifically, Townsend – who was described as extremely intoxicated – apparently spent A LOT of time doing his best to be an irritant to Tyson, despite the former boxer’s efforts to defuse the situation. After repeated requests that Townsend stop, the guy decided to push things even further and threw a water bottle at Tyson. That, according to witnesses, was the last straw.

As of yet, no charges have been filed in the incident.

Look, like we said up top, using your fists to settle disputes is not OK. And for someone like Mike Tyson to resort to violence is a special brand of not-OK, considering both his former profession and his history.

That being said, one has to wonder just what kind of clout-chasing moron would decide that pushing his luck by being an a—hole to MIKE TYSON on an airplane was the right thing to do? Seriously – in what world do you say to yourself “Hey, that’s the ex-heavyweight champion of the world sitting in front of me, I think I’ll be an annoying pr—k and throw s—t at him. That’ll make people think I’m cool!”

Reader, it did not make people think he was cool.

Now, while there are no charges as of yet, Townsend has retained a lawyer, so I think we all can guess where this is going to go. The dude is definitely going to try to get paid. As to whether this was the plan all along? Well, it’s tough to say that an idiot like this is that forward-thinking, but he also has a lengthy history of stealing other people’s stuff, so maybe he figured he’d d-bag his way to a payday.

As for Iron Mike – come on, man. This can’t be the first time that some jerk has tried to goad you into taking a swing. And yes, it sucks that this guy was all up in your business while you were just trying to fly in peace, but in the end, you’re the rich one here. You’re the one who is going to pay the penalty, regardless of provocation. We all have our limits, but being who you are, well … you need to have a higher tolerance for this kind of nonsense. It isn’t fair, but it’s reality.

Again, it was not OK for Tyson to punch this guy. Alas, the unfortunate truth is that he is going to pay dearly for that moment of weakness. One imagines that it will put a real dent in his checkbook – one that is likely a good deal bigger than the one he left on that jerk’s face.

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