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Weekly Time Waster - ‘Stellaris: Galaxy Command’

August 11, 2021
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Some time ago, I wrote about a game called “Vega Conflict.” It was a cool sci-fi strategy game that has definitely stood the test of time. Well, if you played it and liked it (or are currently bored with it) I have something new for you!

“Stellaris: Galaxy Command” is a sci-fi strategy game loosely based on a larger-scale PC strategy game. In “Stellaris: Galaxy Command,” a catastrophic war with an alien species has left the universe in shambles and you are put in charge of rebuilding a human space colony and fleet. In this game, you build and upgrade a space station, explore the galaxy itself, survey planets, fight pirates and even fight other players in fleet-to-fleet combat. After you work through an in-game tutorial that shows you how to build and upgrade your base, you get a ship and start to explore.

From there, the game opens up, as you are tasked with attacking some pirates to see how combat works. One area that it differs from other similar games – a slightly disappointing difference – is that instead of controlling your ships tactically in battle, everything is done automatically on autopilot. You basically just watch the battle play out. The only tactics you can do are selecting which ship your fleet attacks. Winning or losing seems to be mainly a dice roll of who has the better fleet, or whose fleet lands more hits.

As you play, you start to give your colony a political identity in the universe. Do you want to be militaristic? Maybe your colony will be xenophobic and accept no alien species, even those friendly to your trade routes. The choices are up to you. As you align yourself in politics and trade, you can explore the many solar systems of the universe. The map is so large, it even splits the universe into what factions are prevalent in them. As the game is multiplayer focused, you can form alliances with other players and trade with them or just simply take everyone on yourself and be a lone wolf in a massive universe.

“Stellaris: Galaxy Command” is a great sci-fi strategy game that offers a large amount of freedom to how you want yourself to be known in the massive galaxy … and it is sure to waste a ton of your time.

“Stellaris: Galaxy Command” is free to download on the Android and IOS stores. If you happen to like the game and its universe, check out the paid strategy game on which it’s based, on the Playstation, Xbox or Steam stores!

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