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Weekly Time Waster - ‘World of Warships: Legends’ – Update

May 27, 2021
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Some time ago, I wrote a piece on “World of Warships: Legends” as it had just recently released on console as a free-to-play game. Two years have passed and a lot has changed, so I thought it would be a good time to give a nice update on it and revisit it, as “WOW: Legends” is a game that should be on your gaming console once again.

In a quick recap, “WOW: Legends” has you taking command of different naval vessels from the WWI/WWII eras in multiplayer combat, ranging from destroyers all the way to the big, bad battleships. The objective is to either destroy the entire enemy team, as every player only gets one life, or to capture the enemy bases or flags on the map.

Originally the game only featured the USA, Japan and United Kingdom factions. They have added more iconic ships to unlock for those factions, but they have also added some new countries. Germany, Russia, France and Italy have joined the warship roster and they each pack some interesting new punches in different areas.

Another huge change, and a welcome one, is the addition of aircraft carriers to the game. Aircraft carriers are a great addition to “WOW: Legends” as they offer a completely different playstyle from the main ship types. As an aircraft carrier, you carry torpedo planes and bombers. You launch your aircraft in wings and take complete control of them. As you make your bombing and torpedo runs, the anti-aircraft guns of the enemy ships are constantly firing upon you, trying to rip your planes out of the skies. The addition of the planes makes for some truly cinematic moments, especially from the point of view of other ships. There are also plenty of iconic ships to unlock now in “WOW: Legends,” ships such as the Yamato, the Alaska and more, which you unlock by researching them and playing.

Another big change to the game is that it’s fully cross-play enabled, so people with different consoles can now play with each other! If you are lucky enough to have a PS5 or Xbox Series X/S, you also have a nice treat of getting a version of the game with nice graphical and performance updates, providing a much smoother experience, and full 4K support with an applicable TV.

With more ships, countries, and maps to experience, “World of Warships: Legends” is a highly recommended time waster to revisit or experience for the first time if you get the chance. “WOW: Legends” is free to download on the PlayStation and Xbox stores.

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