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Weekly Time Waster - ‘Line Driver’

May 19, 2021
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A classic game from back in the day everyone used to play on their computers was “Line Rider.” This game still exists today, but it costs money to play on your mobile device. So why not just play a free version instead?

“Line Driver” is a game about a little man on a sled trying to get from one end of a track to another. That’s it. The premise of the game is simple. With 50 premade levels to play, you must draw lines to create a track and get around dangerous obstacles and get your sledder to the end. The caveat is that you don’t want your sledder to fall off his sled or you fail the level. This game is very creative, so you can solve a level in pretty much any way your imagination can visualize.

There is also a nice creative mode, where you can either create your own tracks or you can play other people’s insane tracks that they make. And when I say insane, I mean it. Some of the most creative people in the community of this game have conjured up some incredible tracks from their imagination, tracks that will have your sledder doing more loops and jumps than you can fathom. As you play the game, you can eventually earn new vehicles to use on tracks, upgrading from the simple bobsled.

“Line Driver” is an awesome free take on a classic that took up many hours of our time years ago. My lone complaint is that ads pop up pretty frequently while you are playing. If you can deal with that one issue, though, it’s an extremely fun time waster.

“Line Driver” is free to download on the Android and IOS stores.

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