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Celebrity Slam - A J-Rod journey

March 17, 2021
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Here at Celebrity Slam, while we spend the majority of our time taking famous folks to task for the idiotic things that they say and do, we’re well-rounded celebrity-following individuals. There’s more to us than just snark and derision. We contain multitudes, as they say.

For instance, anyone who follows this space with any degree of regularity already knows that we are lovers of lovers here at the Slam. We are HUGE fans of celebrity relationships – we’re all about coming up with those cutesy portmanteau couple names (although we freely admit that we sometimes get a little out of hand and wind up with some weird ones – our all-time favorite was “Hiddleswift” during the blink-and-you-missed-it PR-driven courtship between T-Swift and everyone’s favorite Marvel villain Tom Hiddleston) – and we enjoy watching these people find each other amidst the rarified air of celebrity culture.

On that note, we’ve always had a real soft spot in our collective heart for J-Rod, the pairing of global pop superstar Jennifer Lopez and baseball legend Alex Rodriguez. It was one of those couples where the degrees of fame seemed to level out; J.Lo is more famous than A-Rod, but not so much more famous as to create an imbalance in the dynamic, especially since the overlap in the Venn diagram between fans of either person seems relatively small.

So obviously, we were sad to hear the rumblings about trouble in that particular paradise, with reports coming out last week that the couple had broken up after four years together, officially calling off the wedding that had already been delayed twice before due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Word on the street is that the split was prompted by the rumors swirling around A-Rod’s alleged interactions with Madison LeCroy, one of the stars of the Bravo reality show “Southern Charm.” A-Rod denied even meeting the woman, but apparently there was some FaceTime business in there somewhere (though it should be noted that LeCroy corroborated A-Rod’s story about the two of them never meeting in person). Still, there were apparently enough other issues between the two that this served as the last straw.

Or did it?

After news broke of the breakup, J-Rod returned with a somewhat united front, calling the claims of their relationship’s demise greatly exaggerated. They acknowledged some issues within their relationship – they’ve spent some time in counseling over the past year or so – but were adamant that said issues had nothing to do with any third party. That would seem to be proven out by the fact that A-Rod continued his routine of flying to the Dominican Republic every few weeks to see J.Lo, who is there shooting a movie.

Look – we’re rooting for these two crazy, incredibly rich and famous kids as much as anyone, but there seems to be an awful lot of smoke for there to be no fire here. And we have no doubt that the couple is indeed trying to work through whatever issues they have, but some of this stuff seems awfully specific for it to be nothing. That said, for now, J-Rod seems to still be a going concern.

Some of the stuff on the periphery is kind of a hoot, though. We can talk about this Madison LeCroy person, whose show “Southern Charm” is apparently getting ready to enter its eighth season despite the fact that we – whose job it is to know this stuff – had literally never heard of it before this story broke. Our brief Google scan reveals it to be something that we (and you) can safely continue not knowing about.

(Oh, and former baseball star Jose Canseco – who’s a real weirdo – has been on Twitter putting in his two cents. It wouldn’t warrant addressing except that he is both insistent that A-Rod is going to make a play for Canseco’s ex-wife and on shooting his shot with J.Lo. Nothing of note here, really – we just love it when Jose gets weird.)

Obviously, we don’t know what goes on behind closed doors. And we definitely hope that this is all a big misunderstanding and that the sure-to-be-lavish J-Rod wedding takes place sooner rather than later. Ultimately, it would be a shame if a pairing of two people with so many hits turns out to be a swing and a miss.

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