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Weekly Time Waster - ‘Zombeast’

February 17, 2021
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A pop culture genre that has blown up in recent years – and hasn’t really gone away – is the zombie genre. Cinema, television, video games – zombies are everywhere. Our worst fears brought to life on the digital screen, swarms of reanimated corpses in destroying all life as we know it. Spectating the zombie apocalypse on the big screen is one thing; being able to destroy and dismember zombies in a rampage in video games is another. It’s a great stress reliever, and so, this week I bring you “Zombeast.”

In “Zombeast,” there is one simple objective - kill them all. The zombie apocalypse has broken out and you are left to survive in a city full of the undead. So what must you do? Wield various weapons and get rid of the scourge of zombies walking through your city of course!

“Zombeast” sees you running through various environments and atmospheres, ranging from a city, all the way to a foggy forest. Your player was bitten three days after the apocalypse started, and while you run and gun on your zombie rampage, you must also stave off your infection with coffee and dark chocolate (apparently that’s the remedy for turning into a zombie in this universe).

With over 170 missions, and millions upon millions of zombies to destroy, with lots of skills and weapons to master, “Zombeast” provides a large amount of fun in a big package. The game is simple to play, with an auto-targeting system to shoot zombies. All you have to do is move left and right and fire at will. There are lots of creative zombie designs – 13 total – in this game to keep the horror factor up; each type of zombie has their own characteristics in how they behave and attack. So keep your distance and fire at will!

“Zombeast” is free to download on the Android store.

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