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Sushi Cat: The Great Purrade

August 31, 2012
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Cats are behind the invention of the internet. This global network of computers exists to look at cute pictures of cats. And boy, do we! But sometimes you want more than just looking at cats. You want to pick them up with chopsticks and drop them on adorable anthropomorphized sushi so you can win a video game!

Well, that's what you do with the Sushi Cat series. This series has just added another to its repertoire. I can't really satisfactorily explain my love for this game in a way that makes sense. I mean, if you were to think about it logically, it wouldn't wash, but dropping a bouncy blue cat on adorable sushi(s) and watching him get super-fat and bouncier is just awesome to me.

The setup is basically the same as the previous incarnations: Take your cat and strategically drop him so he can eat as much sushi as possible before hitting the bottom. It's like a paddle-less pinball game. They toss in an adorable back-story that hardly makes sense, some super-amazing bonus levels where all you do is win and you have just a fun way to waste your time.

Did I mention you can change Sushi-Cat's outfits if you eat the golden sushi? Well you can. My Sushi-Cat is mustachioed. I love him.

You can play for free at Sushi Cat was developed by JoeyBetz.

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