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Bangor Humane Society creates Cats on Tour mobile

August 29, 2012
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Bangor Humane Society creates Cats on Tour mobile photo courtesy

BANGOR - Instead of waiting for potential pet owners to come to them, the Bangor Humane Society is now taking their adoptive cats on the road in hopes of increasing these feline's chances of finding a forever home. This mobile adoptive service is called Cats on Tour, and it's been successful in its first couple of weeks on the road.

"Our van is pretty big, it's air conditioned and we can fill it with three dozen cats," explained Stacey Coventry, volunteer and Bangor Humane Society public relations manager. "We started at the KahBang Festival with just five cats; four were adopted. We then went to Tractor Supply [in Dover-Foxcroft], where half of them got adopted. We're thinking maybe a dozen is a good number [to have on board]."

This Cats on Tour mobile is just another tool to help the Bangor shelter reach its goal of adopting out 1,200 animals in the next three months. The Bangor Humane Society is one of just 50 shelters currently competing in the ASPCA Rachel Ray 100K Challenge. Shelters that are able to successfully find homes for 300 or more animals from Aug. 1 through Oct. 31, 2012 than they did during the same three-month period last year will be entered to win $10, $20, $25 or even $100,000.

"We're close to 300 right now, but at the same time we're seeing animals come in at an exponential rate. We're getting on average 150 animals coming in a week. That's been the case for the last month, and most of those are cats," said Coventry.

So the shelter is full more often than not, despite its best efforts to place animals in loving new homes.

"We've decided to make this a fun way to engage the community by taking our new Cats on Tour van to all different towns that we tend to get adopters from and spend some time there at area businesses that are welcoming us to adopt the cats right out of the van," said Coventry. "But we also need people to continue to come in [to the shelter] and adopt - not only to help us hit our goal, but so that we can find these animals a home."

The Cats on Tour mobile will be at Tractor Supply in Millinocket on Sept. 8 from 11a.m. to 3 p.m. and Renaissance Dogs in Holden on Sept. 10 from noon to 4 p.m.

As an incentive, the adoption fees are currently being waived for all adult cats 7 months and older, while adult dogs are 50 percent off the regular adoption price. All animals adopted through the Bangor Humane Society are also spayed and/or neutered and vet checked before they leave the premises. For more information on the Bangor Humane Society, including a full list of Cats on Tour locations, log on to

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