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Kibbles and Picks 2020 – Conference Championships

January 15, 2020
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Well, that was … better? Not by much, but by a little.

There wasn’t really anywhere to go but up after our abysmal Wild Card performance – Stella and I both went 1-3 – so there’s that. And we definitely did go up – just not by much.

Stella and I both went 2-2 in the Divisional Round. We went one-for-two on our mutual picks, which hey – not bad. We had Kansas City beating Houston – we sweated that first quarter or so out before Patrick Mahomes and company stepped on the gas and absolutely curb-stomped the poor Texans. On the flip side, we (along with literally everyone else in the world) had the Ravens beating the Titans. Imagine our surprise when Baltimore struggled and Tennessee’s Derrick Henry basically turned into the second coming of Earl Campbell.

As for our differing games: I picked the Vikings for some idiotic reason, only to watch them get easily handled by the 49ers. Stella picked the Niners because she’s not dumb. Meanwhile, I lucked out with my Packers pick; it seemed solid, but then we got to the end of the game and the Seahawks had a real chance of pulling it out. Happily, Green Bay held out, meaning that I avoided going 1-3 for the second weekend in a row.

And so, we’re tied going into the Conference Championships. Granted, it’s at 3-5, but a tie is a tie – it’s anyone’s game. And we will have a winner, because we are at odds on one of the weekend’s two contests.

We’re in agreement on the AFC game. Both Stella and I are predicting that the Cinderella run of the Tennessee Titans is going to come to an end in Kansas City. After watching the Chiefs turn it on and run it up against the Texans, it’s awfully hard to pick against them. Patrick Mahomes is elite under center, while tight end Travis Kelce continues to prove to be an absolute unit in the passing game. Throw in the elite speed at receiver and it’s tough to pick against them. Yes, the Titans managed to shut down Lamar Jackson and the impressive Ravens offense, and yes, Derrick Henry continues to look like he’s been constructed on a slightly larger scale than everyone else, but ultimately, we don’t think that Tennessee can muster up the necessary offense to beat K.C. Their only hope is a low scoring contest, but shutting down this Chiefs crew is a tall order.

In the NFC, however, Stella and I disagree. I’m picking the home 49ers; they’ve looked good all season and had little trouble dispatching a pretty good Vikings squad. While I’m not sure that quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo is ready for the big stage, the truth is that he might not need to be. If the San Francisco running game continues to perform at a high level and if the defense is able to rush the passer the way they have thus far, Jimmy G can simply manage the game and take care of the ball to pull off the win.

Stella’s going with the Packers. She recognizes that the odds aren’t necessarily in her favor, but she also believes that QB Aaron Rodgers has one more Super Bowl run in him – and she’s pretty sure this is that run. Wide receiver Davante Adams has looked like the top-five talent that he is in recent weeks, while all running back Aaron Jones does is score touchdowns. The Packers defense isn’t up to the level of the offense in terms of skill players, but there’s not a ton of spectacular talent on the 49ers offense either.

And there it is. After this week, we will have a postseason Kibbles and Picks leader heading into the Super Bowl break. As to who it will be, well … here’s hoping my regular season momentum keeps moving me forward. Basically, I just need the Niners to take care of business. Here’s hoping that happens.

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Sunday, Jan. 19

Tennessee at KANSAS CITY


Divisional Round record: 2-2

Postseason record: 3-5



Sunday, Jan. 19

Tennessee at KANSAS CITY

GREEN BAY at San Francisco

Divisional Round record: 2-2

Postseason record: 3-5

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